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  1. johnno

    Brew gear for sale

    Mill is gone. Still have the other stuff.
  2. johnno

    Brew gear for sale

    Bump. ONO
  3. johnno

    Brew gear for sale

    I also have a March pump. not 100% sure if it is still working as I haven't taken it out yet but I reckon it will be fine. 170/ONO
  4. johnno

    Brew gear for sale

    Counterflow wort chiller. Still in great condition but a bit dusty due to sitting in the shed for a few years. ONO/180.
  5. johnno

    Brew gear for sale

    Hey brewers, Due to life circumstances I no longer brew so I have a few things I want to get rid of. First of I have this grain mill. I believe it is a Crankandstein with the hardened steel rollers. As you can see it has some rust on the rollers. I don't know how that happened as it has always...
  6. johnno

    Free Fridge

    As much as I would love Spiesy to take it there was a PM before his and I have to go with the first one. Hope you get one soon Spiesy.
  7. johnno

    Free Fridge

    Pickup in Hoppers Crossing. It is not mine. Pm me for details of the bloke giving it away. cheers johnno
  8. johnno

    Free Bottles

    Taken. I'll pm you my number.
  9. johnno

    Free Bottles

    I've got six dozen crown seal bottles if anyone wants them. Otherwise they are going to the tip. They need a clean but will scrub up ok. Pickup in Werribee. cheers johnno
  10. johnno

    Free Fridge

    I have a free fridge if anyone wants it. It is a smaller one and fits a fermenter easily. I haven't used it since last summer but I just plugged it in and it is still working. Pickup in Werribee. cheers johnno
  11. johnno

    Lots Of Brewing Books For Sale

    PM sent re the Keith Dunstan one. cheers johnno
  12. johnno

    I Sometimes Think Of Stopping Brewing !

    A slap with one of these so hard it breaks the inner pack will snap you out of it. :P :lol:
  13. johnno

    Which 3 Roller Mill Is Better?

    I don't think they are still making/selling mills. Cannibal,like others have mentioned you probably do not need a 3 roller.Plenty of 2 roller mills that will do what you want. But if that is what you really want go for it. I like the MALTMILL http://schmidling.com/maltmill.htm but am probably...
  14. johnno

    Brew Crew - Werribee End Of Town

    A belated thanks from me as well. It was great to catch up with you again WortGames. Great finally meeting Barramundi as well. Good to see a cool shiny brewrig going through it's paces. Even if I wasn't there too long. Regular catchups would be good. As much as is possible for everyone that...
  15. johnno

    The Keg Conspiracy

    and probably less than half the price of a similar sized SS pot. Seems like a good purchase. johnno