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  1. J

    ebay and gum tree finds this could be a chance to get someone started at a good price, or is it just crap that should be avoided at all costs? Thoughts........ Jimbo
  2. J

    Flaked Wheat Instead Of Flaked Barley

    No dramas, look forward to an awesome light tan, almost white head that you can lay a 5c piece on. Jimbo
  3. J

    Mad Brewers Hoppy Hefe

    There was a hold up due to having to re-package 8000 cartons caused by dodgy cardboard. Well worth the wait. The heff they had on tap at the Pumphouse before X-mass was very similar. Good to see a few wheat beers getting a run around the place. James
  4. J

    2 Row British Lager Malt, Options

    yeah mate, Muntons grain. Muntons are a huge malting co. in the UK, until now we have only seen their extracts, but now the grains are available here, including a British Pilsner malt. I have tried the flagon malt which is a Maris Otter blend. Nice crush, good lauter, awesome clarity. Have a...
  5. J

    Braumeister Owners.

    much like the constipated accountant, i mange to work it out with a pencil! Enjoy James
  6. J

    2 Row British Lager Malt, Options

    Muntons Pilsner Malt. Kev @ Kirrawee home brew stocks it, so does ESB, actually most of the "better" HBS's have it on the shelf. enjoy Jimbo
  7. J

    Muntons Flagon Ale Malt

    Has anybody had a try of the Muntons grains that are starting to turn up around Sydney? I am thinking of buying a bag of the Flagon, which I am told is a Maris Otter blend????????? & 1/2 bag of Mild Ale Malt. First up will be 100% flagon in my house ale, followed by a 70-30 split with the mild...
  8. J

    2011 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hops!

    I have been squashing a few spider-mites this week, anyone else found these little buggers munching the leaves? OK taking a pic before squashing them would have been smart eh! Jimbo
  9. J

    On Tap @ Harts

    We had the BLK PLZ at the Taphouse a few Saturdays back. Served in a handle it is way too drinkable. Also on tap down the road at the Royal Albert they have Redoak Bitter & Redoak cider on tap too. The new pommie GF & her homesick brother got stuck into the cider in a big way Jimbo
  10. J

    Best Pubs For Beer In Newcastle?

    The Great Northern right by the train station has Little Brewing Co. from Port Macquarie on one tap & the Pinchgut black & regular pilz + one other that we never made it to. Settled on the black for a night when stuck in Newcy last week. Great beers music maybe not quite to my liking! James
  11. J

    Anyone Else Brew By Eye?

    Not by elbow, but I have accurately gone by the reflection in the mash tun! Give it a try some time :) James
  12. J

    Gerard's New Brewery?

    I had the Pilzner last night at The East Village Hotel in Balmain (used to be The Commercial). I can't wait to see how he goes installing a brewery at Pinchgut?????:) catch ya James
  13. J

    The Riverview Hotel Balmain,sydney.

    Actually Pinchgut is more than a job, & the BLK PLZ is more than just a dark lager ;), even the Vale guys were getting stuck in when we were there for lunch today. Riverview Pizza's are awesome, actually the kitchen at The Riv is a big step up from the usual pub grub you get around Sydney...
  14. J

    Boutique Beer Festival Goers

    nice score Ted. I watch the obituaries in the local rag. last week a guy up the street passed away, about my size & a very well dressed gent. I can't wait to see what turns up at Vinnies from this tragic event ;) Jimbo
  15. J

    The Riverview Hotel Balmain,sydney.

    Pinchgut Brewing is putting on Beers with The Brewer" at the Riverview Hotel in Balmain this Friday afternoon from 5pm.Pilzner and BLK PLZ both on tap!Pinchgut Brewing Co. Beers with The Brewer! THE RIVERVIEW HOTEL, from ‎5:00PM Friday, August 26th. Catch ya...