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    My Pirate Life Throwback IPA clone

    Its a simple sugar so will be entirely consumed by the yeast, resulting in a lower finishing gravity reading - the beer will have a drier finish. Pretty common in big IIPAs so you end up with a less malty finish, bringing the hops forward. You could sub with dextrose to get the same effect.
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    My Pirate Life Throwback IPA clone

    23L Batch: 5.3 kg Pale Ale 2.4 kg Maris Otter 0.3 kg Cane Sugar 0.3 kg Carapils 0.2 kg Wheat Malt 90.0 g Centennial (US) 90 min (First Wort) 50.0 g Mosaic™ (US) 5 min 35.0 g Simcoe (US) 0 min 35.0 g Mosaic™ (US) 0 min 20.0 g Centennial (US) 0 min Mash at 64 degrees, Ferment with...
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    2017 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    What are you feeding those monsters and how often?
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    2017 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    This sounds great. Can you post photos of your rope setup?
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    Oxygen D size $69

    How many batches do you think you get out of a bottle?
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    How accurate are you finding the readings? Does it get thrown off by krausen etc?
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    Holgate Hop Tart

    Did you end up lowering the PH prior?
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    Where do you buy LOW quality ingredients?

    I cracked a really old one to make up some wort for a yeast starter when i ran out of dme and couldnt be assed going to the LHBS.. worked a charm =)
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    Holgate Hop Tart

    This could make for a nice lazy brew day. Mash the night before, transfer to kettle, add some grain for lacto, boil in the morning. Do i trust my crummy chinese temp controller to hold temp though? heh.
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    Holgate Hop Tart

    That makes sense. Cheers
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    Holgate Hop Tart

    Oxygen bad when souring? Is it worth pumping co2 in there before sealing then? Might have to try this as an experimental brew. Edit: This link has some more info - looks like they did use grain to introduce the lacto:
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    Pirate Life IPA

    Their new New Zealand Pale Ale is great as well. Every beer they put out is top quality. I'd love to know what they are doing in their dry hop process, they get insane hop aroma into the can.
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    When will 2016 hops be available for sale

    Will be interesting to see if southern hemisphere hop varieties start to become sparse too, there must be more demand seeing as the US crops seem to be short.
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    Hop Dealz Australia

    Citra gone for the season?