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    Ahb Yellow Pages?

    i can knock up a mean landscape fpr ya garden :) best job in da world
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    Ahb Beer Glasses - Time To Decide

    hey guys haha just as i suspected, i been away for months and still seems to be no progression made on our glasses ;)
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    NRL And AFL Tipping Comp

    SHARKIES SHARKIES SHARKIES..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its there year this year, no more bloody anderson so we will have a good chance :beerbang:
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    one of lifes little only recent to this beautifull thing and im in love, i think brewing has givin me a taste of quality beer and a tast for somthing more than beer flaved coldies or extra dry or premium dry...or anything with dry slapped on the end really. :P...
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    A Saturday In Sydney...

    sounds like a top day where is the australian exactly? i been to the rocks plenty of time but cant ever remebering seeing it......probly a reason for that too lol ;) . the Lowenbrau dark is an awsum beer, the nelson has a few goodies too. where is the malt shovel ??? never heard of hearts...
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    Kit Reviews Website

    top site slugger, very good idea
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    Fridge Brewing

    i just got myself a fridgr for my brewing purposes and now i want to make the most out it, what would everyone recomend i do and what i brew, i wanna get kegs going later this year, how do brews turn out brewd at low temps like this??? cheers flanbos
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    i hate extra dry........more like extra water
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    What Went Wrong

    where you sure to clen and sterilise everything well? an infection can give ya beer a very wrong taste. i get some beers the seem a bit watery id like to solve this too
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    And Where Did They Bury The Rest Of Him

    hahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha thats funny as :)
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    Ahb Beer Glasses - Time To Decide

    yeah it would be good to impress my mates with a nice home brew in shmick glasses!
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    How Much Head Is Too Much?

    hey guys i just raked a brew into my cc cube and i have a bit more head space than useuall, ( i bottles a few to experiment with chillis) just wondering how much head space is too much, will it affect my beer cheers matt
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    Cleaning Questions

    hey one and all just two things. 1. im bout to do my first bluk prime.........hooray for me :lol: lol, the beer has been in cc for a few weeks first cc...............another hooray for me :lol: . anyway my question is ive got a jerry for my cc but its only got a small cap on it...
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    What Should I Do?

    yeah i thought that might be the case, so i checked it in water and it read all good..............this is a very suss brew hmmmmmmmmmmm the beer devils might have gotten it
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    What Should I Do?

    yeah sorry i ment (1.024 and and 1.010 ) it was a thomas coppers aus bitter kit 1.5L 1.5 of light liquid malt 12g halluatue (or however ya spell it) finishing hops 23L batch im just mainly concerned bout the OG so i guess im just gonna have to put it in CC and wait an see i might even bottle...