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    No airlock, good idea?

    But what if I die????
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    No airlock, good idea?

    I've never used an airlock, and I've never died.
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    Might just be excited that he's getting a chest freezer.
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    Hoppy wheat beer, which hops?

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!
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    Hoppy wheat beer, which hops?

    Are you referring to the Mad Brewers Hoppy Hefe? Such an awesome beer
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    Tooheys Old Dark Ale

    I love me an old! I'm gonna give that recipe a crack. Need to change anything for biab?
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    For anyone in Brisbane looking to stock up on some quick beers, All Inn Brewing at Banyo are having a sale on their wort kits next weekend. 3for the price of 2, or 8 for the price of 5. And all make an awesome beer.
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    Domestic Violence

    It's sad that we even have to say this.
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    Very slow dripping tap

    The coopers DIY tap is a known leaker. A bit of lube will sort it out. I scored one of the coopers "craft beer" kits very cheaply and noticed it had a much better tap included.
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    fresh wort kits

    What kits are you using?
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    Extract 10 minute IPA

    I was reading a few old posts last night, and I was wondering if a 10 minute IPA would work using only extracts, or would you need to boil a massive load of extract to get the required hop utilisation? Anyone tried anything like this, and how did it go?
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    Sail & Anchor Pale Ale

    Try the "new improved" Gage Roads pale. It's heaps better than the old version.
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    Is coopers halal?

    Anything that tells me to buy Boags instead of Coopers deserves ridicule, as far as I am concerned.
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    Complete brewing setup available cheap

    I'm intrigued by this wondrous magical wooden box. What does it do, besides being a box?
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    First brew is in the can (fermenter)

    For a first brew, I'd say you did well.