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    I have a brew professionally. With From Ben's, Ben Miller.

    Thought some of you might be interested in Ben's story, going from home brewer to Pro, as I suspect some of you share his dreams?
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    For Sale Brewie B20: Fully Automated Brewing System

    Selling my B20, as my wife tells me that I don't need two Brewies!! Below is a picture of what is included in the box, mine is not brand new, has done maybe 20 brews, but is in excellent condition. I have the original box to ship it to anywhere in Australia (buyers cost), it is approx 40kg and...
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    The Beer Healer Interviews - Greg Koch and Sara Tobin from Stone Brewing - Live in Hobart, Tasmania

    Hey guys Thought some of you might be interested in a podcast I did with American Independent Brewing Royalty...Stone Brewing's Greg Koch. Cheers Chris
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    Homebrewing Podcast Guest

    Yeah I guess everyone assumes (myself included) that the higher profile people are what interests the everyday brewer...but maybe not?
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    Homebrewing Podcast Guest

    Cheers mate!! I will shoot him a message.
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    Homebrewing Podcast Guest

    Cheers mate!!!!
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    Homebrewing Podcast Guest

    Yeah, Hendo will be on my list!
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    Homebrewing Podcast Guest

    Me too!!!
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    Homebrewing Podcast Guest

    Hey guys I started a podcast this week, which is all about telling the stories of people involved in the beer world. I have been working my contacts like crazy and have some great guests lined up...brewers, marketers, hops experts etc. What I don't have yet is someone within the home brewing...
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    Summer Mid Strength Recipes

    I can vouch for this beer...mine is tasting great!!!
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    Brewing DIY Dog DPC with my Brewie+

    I have been wanting to brew one of the BrewDog DIY Dog recipes for a while now, and finally I did. It's the Dead Pony Club, 3.8% WCIPA, so it's a great beer for me to brew for summertime at the shack. It's also an extra special day, double brew day with Brewie!! Any of you guys had experience...
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    Summer Mid Strength Recipes

    You are a legend...thanks!!!!
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    Summer Mid Strength Recipes

    Actually, the pacer isnt too bad...but the Zero' thanks!!!