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    Water chemistry - low HCO

    Haha sorry yeah 5kg gladfield Vienna. And yes I’m not measuring the pH yet, relying on the software at this early stage. Will have to invest in a pH meter soon for precision and tuning. Thanks for your feedback, always love your precision and knowledge to find solutions, much appreciated...
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    Water chemistry - low HCO

    It’s asking for Ca, Cl and SO4, and the mash pH before any additions is 5.8. When I add 3g of both gypsum and Cal Chloride it brings the water profile into line but the mash pH is still high at 5.71 according to brewers friend calc. Adding the 0.1kg acid malt drops the pH to 5.3
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    Water chemistry - low HCO

    Thanks for the replies, sorry for not being more clear. I’m going off the balanced profile on brewers friend which calls for 100mg/L HCO, and by adding gypsum, cal chloride and acid malt (0.1kg) to my Brisbane water profile, it calculated 2.075mg/L HCO which I figured was a huge difference and I...
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    Water chemistry - low HCO

    Hi all, I’ve never really used a water calc to change my water too much, so thought I’d give it a try. I’m using brewers friend. I’m doing a Vienna Amarillo smash - 5kg Amarillo and 0.1kg acidulated malt, 3 grams of both gypsum and calcium chloride which gives me a pH of 5.33. The question I...
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    1v recirc - return arm suggestions

    Hi all I’m in the process of building a recirc system for my BIAB setup. I have a 40L crown urn and pump, will be making a malt pipe, waiting on a helix to come back into stock from keg king, and will be replacing the tap with a 1/2” ball valve and using cam lock fittings on the pump and...
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    Crown Water Urn as Boil Kettle

    I’m the same, 30-40 brews with a concealed element crown urn, always sodium perc wash once the brew is done. Also won’t be getting another, I’ll be looking to upgrade to a 3v system when this one dies, but I’m improving mine to do recirc. Hopefully it’ll hold out a while more so I can enjoy the...
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    FWK - Favourites

    I’ve done a number of FWK’s. all of them from AllInn as that’s what my LHBS stocks. Mercenary (APA), Blind Axeman (Amber), Rapid Descent (strong pale ale), porter, citrus hopped xpa, but my favourite is the Bearded Dragon pale ale. Super smooth drop, no additional dry hops required, easy...
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    Lauter Helix.

    Cheers for the explanations, cant wait to get one!
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    Lauter Helix.

    So would I just turn the tap on to bleed the air or is there another trick to it?
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    Lauter Helix.

    How do you go about venting? I assume that means removing the air from it?
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    Premade BIAB grain bag with wide mesh size

    I’m about to begin the process in the new year of going to a 19l big w pot as a malt pipe rather than a bag for this reason. With a 40L crown urn u need to remove the handles and it’ll fit snugly inside. I’ve seen a few posts and vids on the subject and for me seems to be the way to go, but...
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    Lauter Helix.

    So I’m thinking about purchasing a helix, here’s my brew gear: -40L crown urn concealed element -BIAB -recirc with ball valve -whirfloc at 15min -whirlpool -no chill The questions that I can’t seem to find an answer too: How do these go with recirculating? How does BIAB/whirfloc affect the...
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    How to use these hose clamps?

    I use nail pliers per photo. The clamp works how you have shown in your pic.
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    19L portable set up

    These are the ones I’ve seen! I was going to/may still make pending what material I get hold of first (pipe or cool room panels). How do u keep the kegs gassed in these? Is the bottle on the inside or out?
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    19L portable set up

    Thanks guys, I’ll have a look tonight and see what I can find