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  1. Bruer

    Modding the FERMENTASAURUS

    Not sure if it's mentioned elsewhere on AHB, but a great way to introduce dry hops without oxygen is using magnets. Its as simple inserting a magnet in a hop sock and put it inside the fermentor. Have a magnet on the outside to hold it in place.Then simply pull the external magnet away and the...
  2. Bruer

    Is my beer infected

    +1 on seeing how it tastes. If it tastes good Let it ride, it could be something great. Try to minimise oxygen exposure. Definitely do not bottle, not yet anyway. It may take 6-12 months or more for the FG to stabilise.
  3. Bruer

    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    It does but the stand is upside down compared to the regular fermentasaurus. Its not hard to swap the handle location though. Pair of pliers and you're laughing. I lift mine in and out of the chest freezer ferm chamber with no problems.
  4. Bruer

    Single Fin Clone Feedback

    Hey All, Most of the boys are pretty keen on Gage Roads' Single Fin. It's a Summer Ale with Galaxy and Enigma hop (or so sayeth their website). I've knocked up a recipe which i think fits the bill. I was considering using Magnum as the bittering addition as I'm not sure how enigma will fare...
  5. Bruer

    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    Fantastic! Can't wait for some automation in my fermentation!
  6. Bruer

    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    I just got a snub nose too. I run a blow off tube to a keg liquid post and then out the gas post to a jug of Star San. You get a keg purged of oxygen using the CO2 from your ferment. I've connected two kegs in series too.
  7. Bruer

    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    Thanks Inkbird, count me in! Can't wait to get some automation in my fermentation!
  8. Bruer

    Review my wiring

    Hey guys, it's an old thread and I've taken all the advice on board and am well on the way to completing the wiring. Just a quick question. Because I need to use two household circuits (separate cicuits), is it proper and safe to run all of the earths into the same bus?
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    JS Preservation Ale - Harvesting yeast

    Damn. That sucks.
  10. Bruer

    JS Preservation Ale - Harvesting yeast

    I'm into my historical beers. James Squire recently brewed a beer with yeast salvaged from a beer on a 220 yo shipwreck. What are the chances that there will be...
  11. Bruer

    Hey Edd, Wide-eyed and legless suggested I ask you about this...

    Hey Edd, Wide-eyed and legless suggested I ask you about this: Any chance you could lend an opinion?
  12. Bruer

    Which Style for 1835 historic beer?

    Hi All, A little while ago I brewed an old recipe for a pale ale (with Brett) published in 1835 in the West Australian (see original topic here). The beer historically would have been a pale ale or stock ale. The ale produced was basically a SMASH with Marris Otter and EKG, co-fermented with...
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    Brewman Dealz

    How would one on the West coast (e.g. me) go getting fresh Wyeast? Would it be pushing shit up hill to get it delivered alive? Same goes for hops? Will the cold packs last long enough to get the stuff over here?
  14. Bruer

    A Beer Accompaniment

    Deep-fried pigs ears are delicious. I also find that dried squid is also yum. Also peanuts and ikan bilis are good too.
  15. Bruer

    Review my wiring

    Damn. Jumped the gun on that one. Thanks swag biker and everyone. Redone my wiring diagram with all suggestions. One question: do the 30A mechanical relays for the 12vdc switches to activate the elements need to be 30A? Can I get away with 10A relays?