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    450 mill stubbies and charging

    If you're planning for long term storage, swing tops may not be your best bet. I'd go crown seal for anything needing aging. +1 to MHBs suggestion to read up on bulk priming. That's what I do and it's easy as.
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    Improve my Slow Cooked Brisket

    I've cooked pork shoulder in the slow cooker in sauce, and in dry heat on a smoker. Both tasty, but different. Dry heat gives you a crust, and charcoal gives it delicious smokiness. I've only ever done brisket on a smoker and the crust is my favourite part. You could probably cook it in the oven...
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    inkbird itc-308 problem

    Pretty sure CD is Cooling Differential. When the temperature is greater than (TS + CD) cooling turns on. Looks like you programmed it to cool to 12, but only turn on when it reaches 22. I think my CD is something like 1 or 2.
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    Aldi specials

    Can the Aldi vac sealers reseal foil bags hops typically come in?
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    Hot Cubing Hoppy Beers

    What temp do people use when doing both whirlpool additions and cubing? I've either chilled to 75, whirlpool, and chilled to pitching temp, or cubed at 90. Can you cube at 75?
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    10 Gallon mash tun capacity

    I always use the Can I Mash It calculator: https://www.rackers.org/calcs.shtml
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    Hacking the thermostat on a fridge so it chills to zero

    There are upright freezers where the shelves can be removed. I picked one up of gumtree for my fermentation fridge. Its great. I never bothered with rewiring the thermostat, and picked up an inkbird controller. Let's me use it through winter with a heater to keep at 18. Good luck!
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    Growlers - best places to buy them

    I've downsized all of my growlers, save 2: an insulated SS one that keeps beer cold for hours, and a glass swingtop with a narrow neck that can be counter pressure filled. IMO these two styles work so much better than the generic growlers one usually finds.
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    Inkbird New Product Releasing and Giveaway for one of new product!

    In. Thanks for the contest Inkbird!
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    CPBF stem too long

    Great looking stand. Asked and answered on the KL thread. Page 26 of 100+. Too bad most of the content is people bashing each other rather than contributing useful info.
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    Brewing books

    How to Brew is the book I pull out most often to look something up. Radical Brewing is my current favourite. Brew Like a Monk and Farmhouse Ales are great books if you like those styles.
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    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    Yes please! Have a new fermenting fridge coming soon and this would be perfect!
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    Returning home brewer with an upgrade

    Agree with others: Ditch the secondary- you can leave beer in primary for the whole ferment. Bottle conditioning is easy, I rarely fill bottles from a keg. Don't brew based on time - take a gravity measurement to see if your beer is done.