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Black Rock Apple Cider

Black Rock Apple Cider

My freshly bottled cider.
Just finished today (6/05/2013)
I've put a reminder on my calender for next month and i'll give it a shot then ;)
Unfortunately My local home brewery store ran out of bottles, I had to scavenge all over the house for anything that could hold a lid on tight.
I ended up tipping a couple of old cheap red wines out and bottling those up.
I still had some left over cider in the FV that ended up going in the garden :\
I got 24-740ml bottles out of it, and 2-750ml wine bottles.
24+2 = 26 :D

Started: 26/04/2013
Batch size of 23 Litres
Black Rock Apple Cider Kit
4.6% ABV
500g Lactose

I'll update a pic in a few weeks time and see if she's cleared up at all :)
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It’s been a while.
Did you every take that pic?
I’m brewimg a Black Rock cider as I type with 250 lactose.
Hope your brew turned out well.
Would be good to know how the Lactose went as a sweetener.

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