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  1. Jarrynpitts

    Water report for rainwater, anyone??

    Hey guys, I am thinking much about adjusting my water profile when brewing however find it expensive to do a water report on my water as it's rainwater. I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea on what kind of water report a rainwater report would look like, I live in country Vic, Riddells...
  2. D

    Brisbane Water Chemistry

    Hey brewers, I'm keen to start toying with some water additions but a little reluctant as I've found the information a little confusing. Especially finding the right data to input into Brewfather as my standard water profile. I emailed SEQ water and asked for the data on the specific data...
  3. nothern.brewer

    Melb metro north YVW

    Hi all, Creating a post to populate with info as it comes in for Yarra Valley Water in Melb Metro North. Ppm Ph: 7.1~7.5 Calcium: 3~5 Magnesium: 1.2~2 Sodium: 4.5~7 Chloride: 8~12 Sulphate: 1.5~2 Alkalinity: 12~20 Hardness: 14~20 Bicarbonate: 15.5~24.4 If anyone has a more up-to-date report...
  4. J

    Alice Springs Water

    Con someone please help me out with water profiles/additions? We have pretty hard bore water here in Alice Springs. I've been brewing with mostly boxed water until now because i don't know if it would be any good. I mostly brew pale ales and IPA's and sometimes stouts or brown ales. I'd really...
  5. kings79

    Sydney Water - Ceramic Water Filters

    Hi I'm new here and wanted to ask a water question. If I use a Ceramic water filter which is predominantly for filtering out Fluoride but also filters out the following; The pore structure of the ceramic material enables sufficient contact time with the AquaMetix® core to improve taste and...
  6. P

    Newcastle/Hunter Water Profile

    G'day guys, I am trying to put together a water profile in Beersmith for my local tap water (Newcastle NSW). I have the water analysis from Hunter Water though the report doesn't address the minerals/ions necessary for brewing. Has anyone managed to complete, and willing to share a water...
  7. Hez

    BIAB Saison

    Hi! After a lot of reading and studying I made up this recipe for a Belgian-saison-style beer and I have a million questions, as usual. Light colour, dry and a little hoppy. Mostly pilsner with a little bit of caramunich for colour and flavour. East Kent hops ("floral, lavender, spice, honey...