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  1. Jarrynpitts

    Re-using yeast that's been sitting in trub for almost a week yet tempretures have been high

    Hi guys, I plan on re-using some American Ale yeast that's been sitting in my laundry for almost a week, I'm just wondering if becuase there's been a couple of hot days if the yeast will be cooked and unusable? or if it will be decreased in it's usability, in that case I'm happy to chuck it...
  2. S

    BIAB flat bottles?

    Hello All, I am trying to understand why when I do BIAB's, it seems that the bottle conditioning is failing. With slightly odd flavours and most bottles not having any bubbles or head! I have done the same recipe on my father in laws normal kit (giant stainless pot, burner, esky mash tun) into...