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  1. Z

    First Kegerator Pour

    So I got a brand new Kegerator from Keg King. Did a 24-hour force carbonation at 30psi then set the regulator down to 10psi. Well I’m getting a very foamy head on my beer. I’m talking 1/4 beer to 3/4 froth. Steps I’ve taken so far: D/C gas line and allowing CO2 to be released. I have a flow...
  2. S

    Beer tap issues

    Hi, Ive just tapped my first keg and pouring speed is fine. Sitting 12-14 psi The only issue i have is when i open the tap, or in my case a stainless steel pluto gun. Im getting a high pressure spike which is blowing beer and froth everywhere on initial opening. Im opening the gun quick like i...