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    Temprite carbonation issues

    Hi there We have just installed a temprite into our bar and down the track we will brew our own beer. But for now we have 2 kegs connected. Just wondering if anyone can help with what the psi on Co2 should be to run 2 kegs? We had it at about 12 psi for 1 keg. But now that there’s 2 it’s flat...
  2. N

    (Syd) Glycol chiller - Glycol / Icebank / Temprite for kegs and flooded fonts etc

    Hi all, Planning to put this up on Gumtree/ebay soon, any interest? Happy to be corrected on the possible uses 👍 ——— CIG Maxichill for sale. Could be used in several ways in the home brewery or a bar. I bought this secondhand with no definite project in mind... and it won’t really fit in the...