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  1. R

    Cacao Nibs

    Has anyone used cacao nibs in their stout? I’m thinking of adding them to the end of primary fermentation OR just before racking and bottling. Just not sure about the process. Any success stories out there? cheers
  2. R

    Choc/ Coffee Oatmeal Stout

    Hey guys, I’m planning to brew up a Fergs oatmeal stout this weekend, using a wort kit (from Grain & Grape). I wanted to add coffee beans and cacao nibs to the brew. But wasn’t sure how to add them? At what stage and whether they should be added directly into the fermenter? I’m leaning towards...
  3. C

    Bittering in the keg?

    Howdy, I accidently used 1/2 amount of the bittering hops I should have in an oatmeal stout a couple months ago. I thought it might be fine but since kegging I've had a few tastes and it's a no go. Too sweet and malty (not in a good way) . Is there any way to bitter a beer that's finished...
  4. McDuck

    Cheap eBay Heat Belt

    Bought myself a cheap eBay heat belt Just opened it and plugged her in, sits around 50 degrees. Constant power, not adjustable. Brewing stout, so this belt sounds like it’s gonna boil it. Could you...
  5. NzBrewerMatt

    Cacao Nibs - end of boil

    Hi all I'm keen to hear your experience from those of you who have used cacao nibs at the end of the boil. What flavours did you get, any flavours you didn't want to get etc. I have some raw cacao nibs that I am going to roast tonight before brewing. Because I am putting the cacao nibs at the...
  6. B

    Where to get beer gas on the Gold Coast?

    Anyone know where I can get nitrogen / CO2 mix for pouring Guiness Stout in the GC / Brisbane area? In the small bottles that fit in a keezer?
  7. T

    Stout problems

    Hello everyone, been reading the forums vigorously the last month or so. I have started brewing again after a 10 year pause. Did about 10 brews about 12 years ago. Now I'm mostly a wine drinker (make my own), and decided to make some stout for a change. Not interested in light coloured beer...
  8. P

    Chocolate Stout

    I am "Kit brewer". About 45 years at it; kegs used, with controlled fermentation down to about 17 Deg C I am a long time fan of stout, Guinness being my gold standard. Time now for a change after a recent holiday in NZ where I tasted a superb Choc Stout. I discovered the brewery concerned used...
  9. B

    ** For Sale ** Mash brewing Kits milled- Bohemian Pilsener and Outmeal Stout $50

    Bought these kits from Brewmart Bayswater Perth... Sadly wont have time to brew them up. Nothing has been opened, all hops and yeasts have been kept refrigerated. Bought them on 14/6/2017 for $69.90 Selling for $50.00 Located in Gosnells, Perth.