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  1. M

    Mangrove Jacks as the 2nd brew

    Over the weekend I put down my 2nd batch. The first was the small batch 5lt (only got just over 3lts) kit from smallbatchbrew. Good first run for BIAB. Currently 1 week in the bottle so a few more to go... This run was from a mates leftovers. Used the MJ SS fermentor and the kits that came with...
  2. Jonez121289

    Stone & Wood: The Gatherer AG

    Hi guys, My search didn’t result in anything so far - Did anyone try to clone S&W The Gatherer 2018 already? The only hints I can find: ABV: 4.6% Style: (Spiced) American Wheat Beer Malts: Unknown (pale / wheat) Hops: Unknown (boil) / Galaxy (dry hopping) Adjuncts: Sour Cherries, Finger Limes...