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Stone & Wood: The Gatherer AG

Discussion in 'General Recipe Discussion' started by Jonez121289, 2/2/18.


  1. Jonez121289


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    Posted 2/2/18
    Hi guys,

    My search didn’t result in anything so far - Did anyone try to clone S&W The Gatherer 2018 already? The only hints I can find:

    ABV: 4.6%
    Style: (Spiced) American Wheat Beer
    Malts: Unknown (pale / wheat)
    Hops: Unknown (boil) / Galaxy (dry hopping)
    Adjuncts: Sour Cherries, Finger Limes, River mint

    Other info: It finishes dry and sour for a wheat beer, presumingly a final gravity at or below 1.008, hence probably a original gravity around 1.043 and a wheat yeast with about 80% attenuation.

    Inspired by the slower lifestyle of our brewing ancestors who would experiment with locally sourced produce in their beer. The Gatherer’s recipe is brewed with seasonal ingredients and is changed up each year. Our 2018 summer release is a thirst quenching American wheat beer.

    Dry hopped with Galaxy, The Gatherer has zesty ripe fruit aromas and a fresh tartness from the addition of sour cherries, native Northern Rivers finger limes and river mint. The pinkish hue, hinting at its subtle sweetness is balanced with malt and wheat, finishing smooth and dry.

    Ideas for a 20L grain bill / Hop schedule are welcome :)
  2. lewisc

    New Member

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    Posted 17/7/18
    I was a huge fan of this beer - if you can track down an AG or extract bill I’d be extremely keen to trial it as well. Cheers
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