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  1. Only1MADMaN

    Coopers Lager (Lager Beer Review)

    Coopers DIY Lager Kit If anyone is familiar with my last brew review, I taste test a Brigalow’s Apple Cider But today I’m taking you through my steps for brewing a Coopers Lager that comes with the Coopers DIY...
  2. migi

    Yeast starter with wheat DME for a no-wheat beer.

    Hi guys, Probably silly question. I was planning to do a yeast starter for a strong pale ale (Original Gravity: 1.069) but in the last moment I realized I didn't have light DME, only wheat DME so finally I used that one. Now I am waiting a day or two but I am not sure if I can use the starter...
  3. B

    Incremental feeding

    Hi, After my recent failure of a beer due to high temps I am going to turn my planned kolsch into belgian abbey. I'm going to use the wyeast belgian strong and my recipe is as follows. 1 x coopers canadian blonde 100 g x Munich Malt 200 g x Vienna Malt 100 g x Wheat Malt 500 g x Pilsner malt...