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  1. Malar

    Kettle Sour with YoPro

    Hi, I just joined the forum after lurking for a good couple of months and first post so I apologies if I'm posting in the wrong spot? Any enlightenment on that would be helpful. I'm currently fermenting my first Berliner Weisse which I Kettle Soured with a White Labs 672 Lacto Brevis. I then...
  2. S

    Berliner Weisse advice

    Hi All, Have been thinking about making my first berliner weisse for quite a while but not everything has gone to plan. My original idea was to culture some lactobacillus after making a small mash from grain (pilsner) malt. I boiled the mash I made for a full 60 minutes, chilled it, then took...
  3. Danp3d

    Fast souring with WLP672 - yeast infection???

    Hi folks, I've decided to try to brew my first sour beer - a Kriek-inspired beer, but a bit of a chimera (it's more like a cherry infused sour trippel). Thing is, I don't have the patience to let it sit on a demijohn for a year, so I decided to just do a fast souring process (common for...