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  1. Bernhard

    BierBot Rasberry Pi powered Brew Controller

    Dear australian beer brewing enthusiasts, back in 2014 I tried to start a company and sell "BierBots". After selling 30 units and reaching "brake even" the market was saturated, so I closed the company again. Today, after finishing my education I finally found time to wrap everything up and...
  2. Garfield

    Software open discussion

    After a chat with @nathan2010 at the grain split, I'm tempted to upgrade my brewing IT. Over the years I've used fairly basic phone apps and Scotty's excel sheet for recipe design only. Everything else has been managed the old fashion way. Can I please welcome some discussion about everyone's...
  3. markhet

    Home Brewing App that record each brew

    I'm looking for a simple app that will allow me to enter details of each brew that I make, forecast alcohol content based on fermentables/water, calculate alcohol content my og/fg, allow recording of special actions and then allow assessment of brw with comments. Whatever I find has much much...
  4. moonhead

    Beer Scoresheet Utility

    G'Day AHBers Wasn't sure where best to post this, here or in the "Electronics, Hardware & Software" forum. Given this utility will only be of interest to those of us doing the behind the scenes work running comps, I decided here was better. If wrong, let me know... So, I've been developing a...