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  1. Bernhard

    BierBot Rasberry Pi powered Brew Controller

    Dear australian beer brewing enthusiasts, back in 2014 I tried to start a company and sell "BierBots". After selling 30 units and reaching "brake even" the market was saturated, so I closed the company again. Today, after finishing my education I finally found time to wrap everything up and...
  2. markhet

    Home Brewing App that record each brew

    I'm looking for a simple app that will allow me to enter details of each brew that I make, forecast alcohol content based on fermentables/water, calculate alcohol content my og/fg, allow recording of special actions and then allow assessment of brw with comments. Whatever I find has much much...
  3. moonhead

    Beer Scoresheet Utility

    G'Day AHBers Wasn't sure where best to post this, here or in the "Electronics, Hardware & Software" forum. Given this utility will only be of interest to those of us doing the behind the scenes work running comps, I decided here was better. If wrong, let me know... So, I've been developing a...