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  1. K

    Best way to carbonate water

    We've recently purchased a Kegmaster 4 and 3x19L kegs all for carbonating water. Carbonated my first keg yesterday and found it to be nice but a quite flat tasting. (Coming from a SodaStream.) To carbonate the keg, I set the PSI to 30 and for 20 minutes I repeatedly did a 10 second burst of gas...
  2. NreeK

    Hard lemonade: lactose? yeast for bottling?

    Hi there fellow brewers. I’ve got a batch of hard lemonade that’s almost ready for bottling/secondary fermentation. This is my 3rd ever brew (1st Coopers Heritage Lager, 2nd Coopers ginger beer + fresh ginger and other goodies). My homemade recipe including pretty much whatever was at hand...
  3. S

    Home Made Tonic Water

    Hi All, There has been a lot of talk on this forum and over the internet about making one's own tonic water. And as a G&T enthusiast (when I've run out of beer of course), I set upon the challenge of making tonic water! Turns out is is really easy, just a standard syrup, the hard part is...
  4. T

    Winemaking log software

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, it seemed the most fitting, feel free to move it mods. I've recently gotten started in winemaking and brewing in general. I've been keeping fairly good records as I want to be able to repeat and great successes and obviously avoid repeating failures. I've...
  5. C

    Got Kegs Wondering How Much Pressure For Soda Stream

    i was wondering how much pressure for the cordial for a soda stream should i put the keg 2 in kpa i have 3 and i don't even need 2 for a while so i figure ill make some fizzy drink for the kids and us
  6. Amber Fluid

    Soda Water

    I have read through some searches with regards to making Soda Water but would like a few things clarified please. The searches I come up with are: Here Here and Here However, some of these are contradictory in the sense that some posts say by using tap water you get a harsh taste and some say...
  7. TheBrownFalcon

    Alcoholic Creaming Soda

    Hi all. Wondering if anybody can help me with a problem i have. I have a keg system and tried to make a keg of alcoholic creaming soda. I used the creaming soda from the soda stream range, it makes 12ltrs. So i added the contents, 10.2ltrs of water and 1.8ltrs of home made alcohol. The problem...
  8. blekk

    Gnome Cream Soda Extract

    Hi all, Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with this or any other recipes they wish to share? Thanks all.
  9. gjhansford

    Soda Water?

    If Soda Water is just carbonated water can I gas up a keg of water and have one of my beer taps dispensing soda water? Has anyone done this? How long does it take ... what pressure etc? Will a standard Perlick or Micromatic tap do the job? Now before I get flamed for dedicating one of my...
  10. B

    Anyone Made Alcoholic Creme Soda?

    I've recently come across what I've found to be my holy grail of ginger beer kit recipes and was wondering what other soft drinks I can alcoholise. And I thought alcoholic creme soda would be nice Not the fire engine red creaming soda but creme soda, the golden brown vanilla variety I found...