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  1. Stu Brew

    Hops Rhizomes for Sale

    G'day everyone. Shipping Australia wide ex Tassy and WA due to local quarantine restrictions. July 1st - July 14th 2022. Free 15m roll of Professional Coir Twine with every 5 Australian Hops Rhizomes purchased. Limit 2 free twines per customer. While stocks last. Our stocks all large...
  2. Belgrave Brewer

    Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and Victoria Rhizomes for sale.

    Centennial rhizomes are now available for $20 each. It has taken us 2 growing seasons to build up a small amount of stock. Cascade, Chinook, and Victoria rhizomes also available at $15 each. All root stock is from a highly productive chemical free hop farm. Shipping on Mondays express mail...
  3. Belgrave Brewer

    Hop Rhizomes for sale - Victoria, Chinook and Cascade.

    Hop Rhizomes for sale - Victoria, Chinook and Cascade. Victoria, Chinook, and Cascade rhizomes now available. Large are $15 each and small are $10 each. Shipping and handling Priority mail starts from $13. All rhizomes are from 3 year old established and highly productive hop plants. Sorry...
  4. Mat B

    Hops Rhizomes & Crowns for sale - Melb NE suburbs

    I have a number of rhizomes to sell and 4 big crowns. Would prefer pick-up from NE suburbs of Melbourne, but can post at your expense. From what I've read, posting to Tas and WA is pretty tricky so I'll have to exclude those states, sorry. There's three varieties available: Cascade Unknown...
  5. Eps

    Buying: Hop Rhizomes based in WA

    Hey Brewers, I would like to start growing a collection of different Humulus lupulus (Hops) strains. Excuse my post if it has already been asked, but I'm having trouble finding a source of Hop rhizomes in WA. (I found a few older threads so I know there are some hop rhizomes in WA) I am...
  6. B

    Hops Rhizomes - Cascade, Williamette, Chinook, Tettnang and POR

    Hi Brewers, I have a few of each of these rhizomes available for sale in Victoria. More Cascade and Chinook than the others, and only a few Williamettes. $10 per rhizome plus postage - VIC, SA and NSW only. Postage is $10 for up to 3 per pack, $15 for 4 to 10 per pack Can't mail them to Tas or...