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  1. sparkycameron

    Recipe Help - 4 Pines Amber clone - All Grain

    Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster. Had a few 4 Pines Amber Ales on the weekend and am keen on attempting to recreate it. From their website: Tasting Notes:Ruby in colour, with rich copper hues. Hop driven aromas of currant & pear, rounded on the palate with a toasted malt character...

    Hobart Water- Additions Help

    Hi all This water stuff is doing my head in, I think I'm fairly up to speed in other areas of brewing but this really confuses me. I found a old water report from several years ago from this group, but not sure how to put it into Ezy Water and really not sure what additions I need. Is anyone...
  3. T

    Can never get OG lower than 1.022

    Hey guys need some help. I've done 4 batches of various types of beer lagers,ales, and just recently belgian wit. I can never seem to get lower than 1.022 I'm fermenting only in a primary. I fermented 23L on a heat pad on my first brew. Stopped using that then brought a tub filled it with water...
  4. Wombat175

    Stuck at 1020

    any suggestions would be great to new guy to home brewing. Cooper sparkling age kit, last 2 batches stuck at 1020 and no matter how long I leave, hydrometer checked, tried different types of water, temp varies between 22-30c. Really annoying as I want bottle some beers!