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  1. Wobbly74

    Equipment For Sale [MELB] Keezer / beer fridge for sale

    Hi all - I’ve moved on to a more missus compatible upright fridge that’s acceptable inside the house, so my old Keezer is up for grabs. Easily holds 5 corny’s plus more space for 4/5/10 litre mini kegs as well. She’s not a looker but works really well with an integrated inkbird controller. I’ve...
  2. hidara

    Equipment For Sale Fairfield, vic - Free fridge, no freezer unit and Perspex base

    Giving away my old beer fridge, perfect for fermentation, beer fridge or as I used it a diy kegerator. Perspex bottom shelf that has supported 5 corni kegs pickup Fairfield, Vic
  3. V

    Sold Selling Up - from brewery to tap

    I am selling up my brewing supplies. First generation fermentasaurus Robobrew 3rd generation Robobrew 30 L urn Five kegs - four Mangrove Jacks and one Italian Kegking three tap fridge Small iKegger keg - I think it is 4 litres Two gas bottles - I think they are 2.6 and 6kg Two regulators Lots...
  4. T

    Complete homebrew gear for sale, North Brisbane (extract/specialty grain brewing) $110

    Very complete homebrewing gear. Moving overseas, so selling everything, $110 for the lot! Contents: - Fridge with a temperature regulator, big enough for 2x 25 litre and 2x 15-litre fermenter ($50) - 2x 25-litre fermenters, 2x 15-litre fermenters ($20 each) - Copper immersion cooler, attached...
  5. J

    For free - working Electrolux WTM3900SB-R (Castle Cove, NSW)

    As per title, a working Electrolux WTM3900-SB-R. Specs: Height: 1720mm Width: 703mm Depth: 647mm Capacity: Refrigerator: 302L Freezer: 91L Been used as a brewing fridge for the last year. Works solidly, no shelves but comes with bottom drawer as per photos. . Please PM for address...
  6. jonocarroll

    Brewing fridges [Adelaide]

    Hi AHBers, long time no see. Also long time no brew for me, so these fridges are up for sale (plus one more once I unearth it from the depths of my shed). Westinghouse 221l Aurora Fridge Working condition, needs a clean. Has been used for homebrew (fits a standard fermenter or a corny keg)...
  7. D

    Free Fridge suitable for fermenting (Hisense HR6AF351B)

    Hi Guys, I have a used Hisense 350L fridge suitable for fermenting ales and lagers. It doesn’t get much below about 5C so not suitable for my purposes, it’s possible that it just need re gassing but I can’t be sure. In any case, if you just want a fridge for fermenting and not cold crashing...
  8. NzBrewerMatt

    Airlock vs Blow Off Tube (Limited Space)

    Hi guys, I've just purchased a fridge for fermentation and rigged it up with a temp controller. I'm also trying to fit two 30L fermenters in the fridge, one above the other. One is plastic, the other is stainless steel. The only thing I'm currently struggling with is space. I didn't really...
  9. stevonz

    FS BNE Southside - Kegerator $250

    I have upgraded to a new kegerator so this keg fridge is up for grabs. Fisher & Paykel fridge/ freezer which I have had since new. Easily fits 4 x corny kegs or 2 x fermenters and a corny. Includes: - 2 x taps... 1 x swing type and the other is a Celli with flow control. - John Guest beer...
  10. P

    Fermentation Fridge with temp controller and heat belt $60

    We have a 381l fridge with a temp controller and a heat belt for sale. The controller works to 1c accuracy. Great for keeping beers at the right fermentation temperature. Works well, great for fermentation. $60 Pickup only from Yarraville, Melbourne.