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  1. dazsnow

    Crown Water Urn as Boil Kettle

    Hi all, I've been using a 40L crown water urn as my boil kettle for about a year without issue (although that's only about 4 brews, shamefully). I live in Singapore and my condo doesn't have gas, and my electric hob is too small for the job. Last month I went to plug it in but didn't realize...
  2. D

    Selling everything

    Sadly I need to sell all of my brewing equipment as I'll be moving to an apartment in the city. I've listed my keezer on gumtree, link below. 3v electric herms 50L rig. Details and pictures to come. All of my other brewing...
  3. jonocarroll

    Brewing fridges [Adelaide]

    Hi AHBers, long time no see. Also long time no brew for me, so these fridges are up for sale (plus one more once I unearth it from the depths of my shed). Westinghouse 221l Aurora Fridge Working condition, needs a clean. Has been used for homebrew (fits a standard fermenter or a corny keg)...
  4. B

    Coopers Canadian Blonde suggested improvements

    Hey Crew. Hope your well. Currently have my mangrove jacks lager in day 3 of fermentation and the airlocks showing its going healthily. What suggestions for my second beer kit? IE steeping grains, different yeast, steeping hops - brews been sitting comfortably at 18 degrees got a couple of...
  5. G

    Grain Father and Sparge Heater

    Brisbane - Selling my beloved Grain Father and Grain Father Sparge Heater. Done about 10 brews on this bad boy but due to having twins, I'm having to go back to Fresh Wort kits as I don't have time for a full brew day, and probably won't for many years to come. Both items are in great condition...