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  1. bullsneck

    FS 2 x 2400w Five Star Distilling Elements (Melb)

    Two Five Star Distilling Weldless 2400w elements with guards and plug (you'll need a sparky to connect them up safely). $150 for the pair. Purchased from 5 Star Distilling in 2014 but only used 10 times since then. RRP new is $123.50 each. Seals supplied, just needs a 32mm hole to be...
  2. Vrtigo

    3500w element question

    Hi All, I just got a 15A outlet installed in my garage with some recent renovations so am now looking to upgrade from the 10A element in my 40L Birko urn to a 15A element. I am using a control system similar to The Electric Brewery and it is rated to 30A so 15A will be no problem. I...