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  1. D

    Mountain Top Brew Fest

    Hey folks - this mini beer festival is happening this weekend, Sun Oct 13 noon-4pm. It's too late now to enter a keg. But there's a great collection of prizes for the top 5 brewers, so come along and sample the beers to rate your top 3. We're expecting 16 high quality fresh brews, ranging...
  2. Beer_Cartel

    2017 Australian Craft Beer Survey - Win $500 Craft Beer

    Following on from the Australian Home Brewers Survey we ran earlier in the year, we've just launched the 2nd edition of the Australian Craft Beer Survey. You can read a bit more about the survey here and take the survey here. One lucky person will win $500 to spend on craft beer, plus you'll...
  3. BURGO817

    6 Consistant & favourite recipes of brewers.

    Gday AHB, Just wanted to find out what the top 6 all time favourite beers you all like to make are? If you dont mind, post your methods here. Id like to try them out. Cheers.
  4. BURGO817

    Starting a new 1BBL brewhouse with intention to scale & distribute.

    Gday AHB, Ive recently left the ADF and am hoping to turn my hand at 'pro brewing'. Ive always home brewed off and on since high school and have made some pretty decent beers with my brother during those years etc. Friends, family, randoms and others also gave me genuine feedback, which was...