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  1. S

    WTB- C02 Bottle- MidNorth Coast NSW- Coffs

    Hi All, After many years of bottling, I have finally picked up some keg gear. I have a corny keg, lines, taps and keg so far, and need to sort out a gas bottle. New bottles seem pretty pricey so worth a check here. Anyone looking to sell a secondhand 2.6 or 6kg bottle within an hour or so of...
  2. C

    Issues with CO2 tank? Or am I just an idiot?

    Hi all, Finally decided to take the dive and invest and upgrade from the kit and kilo -> bottles setup. Bought a fermentersaurus, a keg, a CO2 tank and assorted goodies. All brand new from a reputable supplier interstate. I was sanitizing the fermentasaurus and had was going to use some CO2...
  3. M

    CO2 regulator isues

    Hi All, wondering if you can help. my CO2 regulator doesn't seem to be holding pressure? I turn the gas on at the tank. turn the dial to let gas through and bringing a pressure reading. when i try to let the gas through say my bottle filling gun the pressure reading drops back to 0. so instead...
  4. C

    New BOC 'Fill for Less' Offer ... now worth it!?! ... if you Sodastream

    Hi all Just letting you know of a new deal with BOC that may work for some, especially if you're in a country town like me that's an hour away from a home brew shop that does refills. [BTW: I've no vested interest in BOC. Skip the 'long story' if you want and go to the 'short story' if...
  5. KegLand-com-au

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    This thread is because we have been getting some questions from our customers and often we are answering the same questions to multiple different people and perhaps the more efficient way to handle these questions is through a public forum. Also as we feel that we have a team of staff with a...