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  1. S

    Equipment For Sale Grolsch and Long Necks for sale

    Hey guys, I've moved to kegging and have a bunch of bottles to move on. Not after much for them, a few of your best for the long necks. Grolsch for 50C each. All are clean and currently stored in milk crates. I have upwards of 20 milk crates. Location is Campbelltown
  2. Wakey

    Equipment For Sale Longnecks for sale/exchange

    Hi brewers, 60-70ish longneck bottles and lever capper for sale/exchange for brew. Make an offer. Bottles a little dusty so will need a clean. Pick up Dulwich Hill, Sydney. 🍻
  3. Wakey

    For Sale - Long neck bottles - Sydney Inner West

    For sale/exchange for brew 60(ish) long neck bottles in milk crates. Will need a clean as a bit dusty. Pick up Dulwich Hill, Sydney
  4. N


    Hi all. I’ve trimmed my bottles down. Around 90 bottles are available, all brown glass, crates included. See pic Mostly 500-650ml. Around 15 750ml and a few 330ml. Pick up Heidelberg, Vic. PM if you want them. Want rid of them in one go ideally. Thanks
  5. H

    Bottling 3/4 full - priming?

    Hi all, Just a quick one. I'm using the standard brown plastic brew bottles for my bottling. This time, to get more physical drinks out of my brew, i was thinking of filling 3/4 full or to 500ml or so. Does that fact change the amount of priming sugar used to carbonate/pressurize the bottles...
  6. marksy

    Clearing out bottles

    Hey members, I've got a ton of bottles I'm getting rid of. Long necks, stubbies and in between. A mix of crowns and twist tops. ### FREE TO GOOD HOME ### I have a few more boxes and milk creates under the house full of more long necks too!!! Pick up in Berowra (North side of Sydney)...
  7. G

    [Brisbane] Beginner Brewing Gear

    Hi guys, I have the below items for sale. They would be perfect for someone who is looking to start out, or just expand their equipment collection. Read on for details. 1. 2 x 30L plastic fermenters Price - $20 for both 2. 25 x 750mL PET bottles (Mangrove Jacks). Come with lids on...
  8. KegLand-com-au

    What is the best home brew starter kit? (not too expensive)

    Hey guys. I know a lot of you pro brewers want stainless steel fermenters, conicals, kegmenters etc. We wanted to put the question out to you guys to see what you guys think should be in the ideal starter kit for beginners. So not the expensive SS hardware. For instance would you prefer 30 x...
  9. T

    Complete homebrew gear for sale, North Brisbane (extract/specialty grain brewing) $110

    Very complete homebrewing gear. Moving overseas, so selling everything, $110 for the lot! Contents: - Fridge with a temperature regulator, big enough for 2x 25 litre and 2x 15-litre fermenter ($50) - 2x 25-litre fermenters, 2x 15-litre fermenters ($20 each) - Copper immersion cooler, attached...
  10. P

    FREE! Long Neck Bottles in Milk Crates- Sydney

    Hi There, I was given approximately 100-150 old school C.U.B. Long neck bottles in 10 milk crates. Bottles were cleaned with a cap put on them over 10 years ago. Need the space. Free to good home. Pick up near Hornsby.
  11. D


    5 or 6 dozen old style longnecks in plastic crates not wanted, pick up North Sydney area . Free, or small donation of a botle or two of your finest HB. Ph: O432 718 725
  12. P

    FS: Stainless Steel counter pressure bottle filler

    Works well It might need a clean as I haven't used it in 12 months. pickup from Seddon can ship at buyers expense $80 ono Cheers
  13. Beer Ninja

    88 x 600 ml Brown Glass Bottles $55. Will sell in smaller quantities @ 65c a bottle

    Bought from the local brew shop. All guaranteed clean inside. Stored in containers ready to go. All ready to be sterilised, filled and capped. Located in Kiama 2533
  14. Beer Ninja

    Five crates of 600ml bottles. 16 bottles per crate. Located Kiama NSW.

    Bought from the local homebrew shop. All guaranteed clean inside. $12 per crate. $50 the lot.
  15. M

    Old bottles

    Hi all. Cleaning out my shed. i've 60 bottles i used to brew with sone 30years ago. They worth anything? Theyre in a box but dirty/dusty. Mike
  16. K

    Brisbane - Sparkling Bottles

    Looking to buy some sparkling bottles for corked and caged beers but I don't want a pallets worth. I'd take up to 200 bottles to make it happen, although prefer a little less. Plasdene and Cospak both offer ranges. If anyone else has suggestions on buying options I am happy to hear. Or if...
  17. N

    32 off 750ml Beer Bottles - Marrickville, NSW - $15

    32 Home Brew Bottles - $15 750ml each - enough for 24 litres which is the amount for one home brew kit Some (about 16) are short and stubby, browny green Some taller and green (3 off) The rest are standard brown twist tops Pickup from Marrickville, NSW
  18. peteru

    [SYD] FREE high pressure bottles

    I, together with a few other brewers/beer enthusiasts, had the pleasure of visiting Wildflower Brewing and Blending recently. I really enjoyed the experience because it is so different from almost every other brewery in the world and Topher Boehm was an excellent host. One of the things that...
  19. B

    ** FREE ** King Brown Bottles x 25 - Perth, Western Aussie

    25 x King Brown Bottles up for grabs. Located in Gosnells, Perth .. plastic tub NOT included.