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  1. I

    Elsie New WA Ale

    Has anyone tried the new WA Summer Ale 'Elsie' made by Little Creatures? Im over in Victoria and tried it at Little Creatures down in Geelong and really liked the refreshing, crisp, citrusy taste. Long story short I want to try and make a clone of this for a Home Brew, but not quite sure where...
  2. Luxo_Aussie

    American Ale Yeast Recommendation

    G'day All, I've been back in the game for about 9 months now and have used Wyeast 1056 with great success on a range of IPA's, American Ales, Wheat beers & a couple of DSGA's. I'm keen to try a few other strains in the coming months, would anyone recommend a yeast from the following : Wyeast...
  3. B

    Dark Mild - should I use sugar syrup?

    Hi Aussies, One of my all time fave beers is Brains Dark Mild, from Cardiff, Wales, where I failed to do well at uni thanks to see above. From what I can gather, Brains Dark and other milds of its ilk use invert sugar at some low percentage. Obviously brewing a low alcohol ale (3-3.5%) you run...
  4. B

    Kolsch brew

    Hi, I am going to brew a Kolsch over the next few days. The extract recipe is pretty simple with a some light extract and a couple of small amounts of specialty grains ( 0.1kg of vienna, munich and wheat) to add some flavour. What I would like to know is would it be a good idea to use an ale...
  5. B

    Toast Ale

    I just came across this great environmental initiative Toast Ale - using waste bread to make beer eg from sandwich factories. It's made under licence in several countries now and the recipe is open source. Has anyone had a go? Can anyone suggest why...
  6. Hez

    BIAB American Amber Ale

    Hi, For my next beer I want to make an American style Amber Ale. I've been reading and studying as usual... American Amber: Style Profile: American Amber Ale Recipes and Beer Style:
  7. Sheebz81

    Great Beer at the Hobart Brewing Company

    Finished work early on Friday arvo so decided to head into the Hobart Brewing Company to sample one of their many beers. Never been there until Friday, but I will definitely be heading back there. I only had the one beer as I had to pick up my young fella on the way home, but my word what a...