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  1. D

    Beginner in Perth looking for advice for equipment, supplies and BIAB

    Hey Everyone Very excited to be a part of this group and looking forward to learning as much as I can. I am at the beginning of my journey and I wanted to ask some advice from anyone that is willing to share. I live in Perth and I am a lover of Belgian beer, especially Trappist and Abbey...
  2. Gillman

    Black Hops Hornet Clone

    Hi, I am looking at brewing a Black Hops Hornet Clone next week. They give some info on hops and malt on their websites. Its also listed at 60 IBU and 6% on Untappd. So I've come up with the following for a 19L batch: 82% Pale Malt 10% Wheat Malt 5%...
  3. BURGO817

    Starting a new 1BBL brewhouse with intention to scale & distribute.

    Gday AHB, Ive recently left the ADF and am hoping to turn my hand at 'pro brewing'. Ive always home brewed off and on since high school and have made some pretty decent beers with my brother during those years etc. Friends, family, randoms and others also gave me genuine feedback, which was...