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    Bayside Brewers Club - Oktoberfest 2020 Cancelled

    Hi all, In light of the new, stricter, Stage 4 lock-downs in Victoria, it has become highly likely we will not be able to conduct this years' Oktoberfest competition. As such, the Bayside Brewers Club Committee is officially cancelling Oktoberfest 2020. We all wish this were not the case...
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    MELB: For Sale - Esky Mash tun w/ recirc port

    Long time lurker, infrequent poster. I'm selling my esky mash-tun complete with wort-return. It comprises of: 40lt Techni-ice esky with a stainless reinforced wort-return port. The return port reduces the usable mash volume to about 35 litres. Beer-belly stainless triangle false bottom...
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest Competition 2018

    Results have been posted to our website: Well done to everybody who put a beer in, and congratulations to any and all placegetters.
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest Competition 2018

    Sorry mate. After a great 10 years of Oompah and Bratwursts at Hickinbotham's on the Sunday, we've decided to pull the pin for this year. Hopefully bigger and better things coming next year instead.
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest 2018

    Here's a link for people keen to enter. Our old domain is still having some "technical issues", but the link above will provide you both information and entry forms.
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest Competition 2018

    Here's the link to our annual Oktoberfest competition. We focus on German styles, both lagers and ales. Entries need to be delivered to our usual drop-off point prior to the 6th of October. Any...
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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest 2018

    Here's an early Heads-Up for this years Bayside Brewers Club Oktoberfest competition. Competition is focused on German-style beers, both Ales and Lagers. Plenty of warning, so no excuse not to get your cold-weather brewing on... More details, including entry forms and drop-off points, to...
  8. BBC-Oktobeerfest-2018-flyer1


    Initial flyer
  9. Bayside Brewers Club

    Bayside Brewers Club

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    EOI Brewers of faith

    What an unfortunately ambiguous phrase.
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    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    Silly you. It's a bird. Drawn in ink. Stoopid. We should make it an art contest.
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    Huge All Brand New & Unused Equipment Sale

    Do you still have either of the stainless pump heads up for sale? What would be postage to 3204?
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    Melbourne Brewers' Beerfest 2018 (Vic)

    Ahh, my mistake. I assumed the same as previous years, where first entry was $10, then all subsequent entries at the reduced price.
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    Melbourne Brewers' Beerfest 2018 (Vic)

    I think you've got a mis-calculation in the price for multiple entries. The first entry is full price, but all subsequent entries should be at the reduced ($8.00) price. The first 2 entries are showing full price, and only the 3rd is at the reduced price. I'm not pissing over $2, but it...
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    Aldi specials

    I have the same Aldi pump, bought 2 years ago, connected to my 2000 lt rainwater tank. Yes, it has a LOT of grunt. I have mine pump straight back into the top of the tank after going through the immersion chiller. I wouldn't worry too much about pumping it onto your roof to "cool", as the...