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    Free Bar Fridge - Sydney

    Fridge works fine. No shelves though...so it's probably more useful as a keg/ferment fridge. You can stagger 2x 9litre kegs in as is...or if you removed or bent the freezer box out of the way you could fit a full corny. Maybe would work with a small fermenter? No holes in outside. Lots of...
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    3x Perlick Taps

    Still the 2x taps left (just the non flow controlled ones). Cheers for the beers Beersnob! They were delicious. Hope the tap is working for you.
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    Recycling Yeast Cake

    Option 2 works. It's a bit risky but it has worked for this time poor brewer. Just watch out, either way....pitching with the cake will take off quicker and it's easy to get a slightly more vigorous ferment than you expect....... This was about 1/3 of the cake, repitching with a similar beer...
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    3x Perlick Taps

    Not sure, 3 years? Bought from cheeky peak I beleive. There have been several series if perlicks with many different engravings. Good taps. I'm just trying to go all stainless, and the Intertape were cheaper.
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    3x Perlick Taps

    I'll be in touch tomorrow. Your shank looks too short....but the stout sounds nice.
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    3x Perlick Taps

    All work perfectly although at least 2.of them need new a new seal kit. 2x normal, 1x flowcontrol. Located in Caringbah. Or I work in the inner west. If picking up I would trade for long stainless steel shanks, some of your finest home brew (and the recipe ☺), or some Orval or Rodenbach...
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    Brewing with Cascara

    Hey Brewers, I've just done a few batches of cascara for a work related thing. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_cherry_tea So it's delicious chilled and carbonated, is a fantastic use of what was formerly a waste product......and it contains sugar of some description: so I'm about to do...
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    Kegerator Hire in Sydney?

    Does anybody know a company that hires kegerators in Syd? Single font is fine. One that will run Cornies NOT commercial kegs.
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    Stout Carbonation (Keg)

    If you carb at high pressure.... absolutely make sure your lines are securely clamped on to your fittings. A blowout at that pressure is a spectacular way to cover your room in beer.
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    Free bottles Sydney.

    Just found more.....some are swing tops. Grolsch, some flensburger and some 750ml swing tops too. 6xcrates worth total. So it's a mix of 350, 440 and 750ml swing tops and some crown seal 500ml and 750. Free. But you must take them all.
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    Free bottles Sydney.

    Does anyone take these anymore? About 30-40 long necks. Free free. Wife says get rid of them. Southern sydney.
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    Does the milk have Kahlua in it?

    Does the milk have Kahlua in it?
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    Transfer from SS brew bucket to keg with liquid QD - fittings?

    I use a hose into the bottom of a co2 purged keg. Thought about putting a disconnect on and filling from the beer out post......but id probably have the lid off anyway so i can see how full the keg is....so I never bothered. There is more stuff to clean too. Blinddogs method above was what i...
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    Craftbrewer Stock Update: Mashmaster Mill Hoppers

    The pop rivet idea is great. It is a bit fiddly to do without a mini socket set or a really small spanner. To the dude with no nuts....mine had heaps extra.....but i threw them in the bin. Sorry.
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    Belgian Dubbel partial mash

    Hi Chris, name is also Chris, and wierdly also work in sydney in coffee roasting. Spooky. I never did extract or partial brews though....i just jumped head first from kit and kilo straight into all grain. Coffee can go great in some beers too! I have also found plenty of stuff from the...