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    Inkbird Giveaway and Christmas Sales !Thermostat 308 wifi +Heating mat $69.84

    Would love one :) just starting out and have no decent kit :)
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    Recipe mix up, Coopers kits

    Hi Guys, Just wanted your opinion. I was making the Cog Work IPA from Coopers 1 × Thomas Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale (1.7kg) 1 × Thomas Coopers Amber Malt Extract (1.5kg) 1 × Light Dry Malt (500g) 2 × Light Crystal Malt (100g) 1 × Centennial Hops (25g) 1 × Citra Hops (25g) 1 × Simcoe Hops...
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    Russian Imperial Stout

    Seems to be going well so far, dumped the dextrose 5days in, 2 weeks now and did a FG test and it's sitting 1.024. will give it 1 more week and drop in the bourbon, tastes good even now, just a little bitter, but expect 6 months in the bottles will mellow that
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    Russian Imperial Stout

    Yeah I looked at your setup, and tried to understand how it worked :) Sounds like I'm going to be better off siphoning to bucketed onto the CBC-1 and the dextrose then immediately bottle it. Ill just toss the staves in the fermenter this time
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    Russian Imperial Stout

    Thanks mate! Glad you mentioned that about transferring to a bottling bucket, as I thought it was on top in the fermenter. Guess I better go by a siphon pump and bucket now! I'm wondering now if its a better idea to buy a carboy, transfer the beer to that and pop in the staves and bottle it...
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    Russian Imperial Stout

    Hey All, Well,. had my brew day yesterday to try this one and even with "improvising" with the equipment I have. Had a bit of difficulty keeping around 71degrees on the induction top, especially with a electric thermometer stuck on Fahrenheit for some reason, and had to sit it overnight to...
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    Russian Imperial Stout

    Thanks Cloud Surfer, ill let you know! Just on the CBC-1 though, I only have access to the basic coopers fermeter tub at the moment, but I'm giving it a go, I'm a little confused, do I add the CBC-1 to the bottle when I bottle, or just before?
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    Russian Imperial Stout

    Hi, I'm going to be giving this recipe a go fairly soon, just waiting on the yeast to arrive. I plan on bottling it though into a bunch of spare 335ml to 375ml leftovers. The original coopers basic recipe for the RIS says use 1 carbo drop per bottle, would that work with this recipe? Also...