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    Aerating a no chill cube? For Lager

    You dont want to go too hard with the O2 even for a lager. Too much and you can increase D levels and anyway, O2 is for growing yeast not for fermenting booze. All you need is enough to ferment your booze and give you a decent flavour, any more is at best a waste of extract and at worst...
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    Skip the Diacetyl rest?

    Yep - if you taste diacetyl in your "beer" - its too late. If you taste it in your still fermenting beer its fine. All you need is some time. Leave it alone. If a week or so extra time at fermet temp (or a bit higher if you are making a proper lager) doesnt fix it, then maybe its infection, or...
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    Help. What to do with a Kolsch grain bill, but no Kolsch yeast.

    just make it exactly as you we going to do for the kolsch - and use a nice lager yeast instead. It'll basically be a Helles or thereabouts. Or cube and wait for the yeast - I do agree with the guys who have said that without a genuine kolsch yeast it wont really be a kolsch - a pleasant summery...
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    Bubblegum Esters From Us-05

    Good point - I've almost always seen bubblegum as one of the descriptors for ethyl butyrate, so thats what leapt to mind (thinking wrigleys too). Locked into a tasting room mindset - thanks for the bump back into the real world.
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    Bubblegum Esters From Us-05

    bubble gum from US 05 - well, bubblegum is an ester, so all the talk of phenolics is awry if you are describing your flavour correctly - then again, US 05 doesn't usualkly produce shit that would normally be described as bubblegum. ferm temp way off would be a first guess - maybe a wild yeast...
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    first biab recipe

    I cant see how that could be bad
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    BIAB a few Q's

    OK - there has been a bit of "what I do" but not much of " what would be best to do" - so here is what would be best to do. My opinion, and it happens to coincide with the concensus opinion if you decide to go searching for it - this is the most likely chose that will give you the beer you are...
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    Additions @0mins using no-chill

    All that works OK - for simplicities sake and still lovely flavour and aroma - just take every single hop addition that is not "start of boil" and move it to "cube hop" calculate any hop additions that happen in the actual boil as though they were 90min additions - calculate things that go into...
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    Desired Boiling Loss

    That article is a good simple explanation of the function of wort boiling - I'm not sure how you came up with 3% as an appropriate figure though. Thats to achieve most of the result for some of the criteria. 3% is not enough. Read further and you'll notice that the article states that modern...
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    Stout water

    which allows you to not put any carbonates in your beer - which IMO is a good thing. Carbonates taste nasty in every beer, including stouts. Hardly anyone agrees with me.... but i cant be held responsible if you're all wrong at once. Food grade caustic would do the job too. Should note though...
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    Calcium Sulphate 101

    Your teaspoons must be a lot more conservative than mine.... 6-8g of either CaCl or CaSO4 when I am scooping. I arrived at that well and truly after coming out the other side of weighing, measuringing, calculating and all the guff. For me - in melbourne water it all turns out quite simply. For...
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    And yet - I see Jonesy's milk plugged by every good coffee shop I go to. Sure - Coles and Woolies between them have fucked over a shitload of dairy farmers, and I come from the country and grew up with dairy farmers as my school mates. I know some of those people who have been fucked up...
  13. Thirsty Boy

    pH meter - Useful or not?

    pH meter while you are learning - absolutely. For on the fly brewing.... nah, not really. By the time you've measured it its nearly to late anyway. Learning tool for next brew. In a stable water environment like for instance Melbournes water supply... you'll probably eventually get lazy and be...
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    BIAB - Bag Holder (Like the Crab Cooker insert)

    If you want to re-circ - presumably for wort clarity.... I 'd go further than Nev and say no holes in the sides at all. If you are re-circing, you've moved away from the BIAB paradigm and into the Braumeister paradigm. They aren't the same. Sorry to sound elitist, but BIAB brewers often dont...
  15. Thirsty Boy

    Calcium Sulphate 101

    I've done some experimenting with the 5.2 bufffer you can typically buy - My science wasn't something you'd put your house on statistically.... but in none of the several (benchtop sized) experiments I did (even at more than twice the reccomended dose) did the addition of 5.2 buffering salts to...