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    Cold Mash

    I do this with spec malts and add liquid to the cube, using the heat of the wort to sterilise. Haven't had any issues after doing on around 20 batches. I currently get 3-4 cubes out of a batch, so with my last brew as an example, I used 100% munich as the base wort, one cube was left as is, one...
  2. sponge

    Voyager Voodoo

    Agreed with that. Certainly more tame than a heritage xtal for example, but imparts a similar flavour. 80/20 would be a good start for a british or american pale. Flexible in a range of beers though. I prefer it to using xtal in beers. The photo above has a nice (re: overwhelming) whack of...
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    Is there anybody out there?

  4. sponge

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    Sarcasm font was lost in the text..
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    Continuing Jokes Thread

    You could've stopped at 'Adam Sandler is doing a new movie'. That's all the humour we need..
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    Re-using yeast from last ferment

    I second the above. Tipping straight on to the old trub/slurry is a huge over pitch.
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    What are you brewing 2020 and 2021 ?

    That's a whole lotta crystal malt in there!
  8. sponge

    Stainless Three Vessel HERMS & stand & heaps more

    Probably best to remove your phone number from public view..
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    Voyager SM40

    Bit OT, but funny you mention the ashy/smoke of the RB. First time using it was in the BW case swap at 10%, and for the first couple of months I got a huge amount of exactly how you described it, dry ash and smoke/bacon. Double checked the malts to make sure I didn't accidentally add any...
  10. sponge

    Hot Cubing Hoppy Beers

    Yes, still dry hop. Treat cube hops as a flameout/WP addition in terms of flavour, with the bitterness of a 10-20min boil (need to experiment for your own system/methods). Dry hopping is still a separate process.
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    flavouring hops

    Days/weeks? Cubes will easily last in to the months without any (noticable) degradation in quality. Edit: Inclusive of cubes with hops.
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    flavouring hops

    Not a problem using high AA% hops in cubes, you just need to calculate the minutes accordingly for IBU calculations. Cubing at different heats will contribute different bitterness profiles and will vary between brewers and processes. I use 20min calculations, but know others use 10min with...
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    flavouring hops

    As a fellow 'cuber', if I'm looking at late hop flavour and aroma, I'll throw them all in the cube and treat them as a 20min additional. There's a bit of a discussion around the bitterness they add, but I find a 20min addition is good to use for IBUs. Others use 10-15min. Works a treat!
  14. sponge

    The Effects of Hops & Timing

    A huge amount of fruit can come from late boil / whirlpool. Dry hopping is only one dimension of the flavour and aroma profile.