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    Marks Home Brew confirmed to stay open then sold

    Sorry to hear this Mark - just discovered tonight. Must of been tough. I can hardly think of anyone more dedicated or supportive of the local homebrew scene (and brewers) over the years. Always willing to help without asking for anything in return. I sincerely hope it brings you to that...
  2. shmick

    Style Of The Week 11/10/06 - Saison

    G'day All Not sure if anyone else has posted this but picked a St-Feuillien Saison and a Jenlains Biere de Garde from Dan's on the w/e. New lines apparently. The Ambree was quite tasty but yet to try the St-F but has a few good reviews Might be easy to get elsewhere (?) but quite a novelty...
  3. shmick

    What Type Of Beer Did I Drink ? Or Was This Just A Wishful Dream ?

    Mmmmmmmm... autolysis :icon_drool2:
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    Brew By U - Nfi?

    I think there's one at Tuggerah now but not sure of the name. Over near Reliance Dr industrial area. Saw a sign from the main Rd a few weeks back.
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    It helps if you heat the barb and the tube (and the needle nose pliers). Pour some boiling water into a coffee mug and soak the parts for a few minutes. Some gloves might help to stop burning your fingers.
  6. shmick

    Small Urn At Woolies For Herms

    950W would be a bit on the tentative side. Might be ok for maintaining mash temp but will be struggling for step temps. 1850W in my system will get 1 deg/min ramp (when needed)
  7. shmick

    Nsw Amateur Brewing Competition

    Best to enter 2 bottles if you can manage it. Usually the stewards will pour the entire bottle into a jug (less the trub) then take it to the judging table to serve into sample cups. The bottles are then discarded at the end of the flight. Judging will be split over 2 days with BOS round...
  8. shmick

    Sydney's Best Micro

    Bring your ski gloves. They were nearly freezing a few weeks ago when I was there for lunch. Irish red was off according to bar staff - I hope they just meant off tap. Food was great. Enjoyed the Rauchbier but not for the faint-hearted (leave it until last if you do) :icon_drool2:
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    Dorado Taps, A Win

    I just pulled the cones out of mine and never had a problem since. The large front screw limits how far the tap opens and effects the flow rate. I had mine done up tight at first but found the best position is to have them partially unscrewed to be level with the front of the body. The smaller...
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    2011 Hub Brewing Challenge

    Just a reminder to turn up for tonight's meeting and collect your challenge ingredient kit. :)
  11. shmick

    Babbs Murray's Craft Brewery Visit

    You might be able to find something up towards Nelson Bay/Port Stephens and book a seat on the Beer Bus
  12. shmick

    2011 Hub Brewing Challenge

    Yes, you will have to re-sit the test. ;) There is a thread in the members section - Events and Get Togethers - 2011 HUB Brewing Challenge
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    2011 Hub Brewing Challenge

    2011 HUB Brewing Challenge The inaugural HUB Brewing Challenge will be a fun and involving way to broaden your brewing horizons. Forget the rule book!!! We are looking for inspiration not repetition. Original recipes that concentrate purely on results without the restriction of guidelines, set...
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    My Family Car Stickers

  15. shmick

    Babbs Murray's Craft Brewery Visit

    Might see if we can round up a few of the HUB regulars and make a showing. Looking forward to it :beer: