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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    If the in-line regulator (KL02172) was dialed right down, could it be used as a cask breather? Aspirators/breathers seem pretty expensive for what they are.
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    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    It seems that soap is the new toilet paper (as in the latest target for panic buying, not what you wipe your ring with......)
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    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    One of canned items which supermarkets are also struggling to keep stocked is baked beans. If toilet paper really is going to be in short supply, I'd be choosing a different source of protein.
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    Immersion heating elements

    Would have been about 25 litres start of boil for 21 litres in the fermenter and 19 litres finished product. Those are typical figures for a "single batch", which is configured around a 5 gallon (19 litre) keg. If you look at all the single vessel breweries like Robobrew or Grainfather, they...
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    Immersion heating elements

    I have used one like this and it produced a good boil for a single batch: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Portable-Immersion-Hot-Water-Heater-Element-2400W-/111142275965 Do a search on "immersion element" and you'll find something suitable.
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    Buying RO water - North Perth - Suggestions ?

    Hi Darren, looks like I'm too late for this batch but I have an RO filter and I'm five minutes from you. If your filter is still on the boat for your next brew day, send me a PM and I'll fill a 20 litre cube for you. Your tap water is probably the same as mine, which comes from the Mt. Yokine...
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    Beginner in Perth looking for advice for equipment, supplies and BIAB

    Hello and welcome Darren. I'm one suburb away from you in Mt Hawthorn. I usually go to Brewmart in Bayswater which is only a fifteen minute drive away. You'll be like a kid in a toy shop in there. A few minutes further away in Bassendean is where you'll find Nev of Online Brewing Supplies. He...
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    Hop rhizome southern WA

    Not much use to you right away, but check gumtree during winter. There's someone in Albany who pops up every year with a good selection.
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    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    Now that I think about it, it's probably no more of a leak risk than the handle of the butterfly valve which you no longer have, so the new design is "leak risk neutral" for want of a better term.
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    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    I can see some benefits with the plunger valve but it introduces a potential leak pathway through the lid. What's the sealing mechanism? Is it simply a nice, tight fit with a rubber grommet or something more cunning?
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Could you please include the dimensions for the all-rounder and flat bottom in your online description?
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    Induction brewing... anyone doing it? What induction element do you use.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think those two are going to go together. 2400W will really struggle with 40 litres.
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    Lalbrew New England Yeast

    Did you use just one packet? I noticed this strain, as well as their new Koln strain, have a recommended pitching rate of double what is recommended for their old strains like Nottingham.
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    So if I'm picturing them correctly and they both have the same Fermzilla lid, the flat bottom will essentially be a rival to the better-bottle but with a wider neck and lower price tag while the dome bottom is simply a PET kegmenter. These will be much more fridge-friendly options than the...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I'm glad the fermzilla is selling well for them, but it does remind me a little of Monty Python's cheese shop sketch.