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    Equipment For Sale Blichmann fermenter 14.5 gal gold coas

    Blichmann fermenter 14.5 gal Gold Coast 400 ono Has a stand up fridge freezer as well for temp control asking 300 ono for that as well
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    Blichmann boil kettle 120l 30gal 15000w element pid controller gold coast

    Power: 12000W @ 240V (415V line to line) Current: Three Phase: 16.67A @ 240V per phase Single Phase: 50.00A @ 240V Watt Density: 9W/cm2 Element Diameter: 400mm Length: 450mm (flange to tip) Tube Size: 11mm diameter Flange: 55mm Material: 304 Stainless Steel Mount Thread: 1.5″ BSP Hole Cutout: 47mm
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    Blichmann boil kettle 120l 30gal 15000w element pid controller gold coast

    Need it gone open to offers hop stopper xl as well
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    Full Blichmann 3v electric HERMS setup with 2 14.5 gal fermenters and more for sale gold coast

    everything must go here is a list of what I have would love to see it go in one go but I know it probs won't happen. open to offers as I would like to move this quick everything is priced to sell if you want the lot it will be at least 1000 dollars lower than my listed prices located in...
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    beer dispensing system Icebank font couplers regulator gold coast qld $1400

    Gold coast qld Perfect condition.. need a quick sale so any I'm open to offers... pub cold beer. Everything you need to get going for dispensing beer at home or for a small restaurant or bar. Happy to shipp Australia wide asking 1400
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    Series 4 kegmaster fridge from kegland - vic

    Mate do you still have the box? I'm happy to organise shipping?