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    Gage Roads Pumpkin Ale

    I've tasted both. I prefer the Saranac. Gage roads at times was very spicy with little to back it up except alcohol. Saranac is a lot more balanced imo- though as others have said could do with more pumpkin flavour.
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    Vb Champion Beer Of Show

    This. You can add extended family, the fact it's one of the few cold things on a hot day and it's free\cheap.
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    Making Ice Wine

    Carry on
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    Making Ice Wine

    Might this be illegal?
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    What are you listening to

    Michael Jackson- Rock with You (Chopped and Screwed) It works
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    Where Did Your Username Come From?

    I am a naval architect.
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    Bacchus Brew Day In Time Lapse.

    Missing Yakety Sax.
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    My Opinion Is That Rudd Is A Ferral

    Keating was Australia's greatest prime minister\treasurer.
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    My Opinion Is That Rudd Is A Ferral

    Rob S even Abbot gives Hawke\Keating kudos for handling the (major) economic reforms of the 80/90s
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    My Opinion Is That Rudd Is A Ferral

    My opinion is that Rudd is an odd, odd man.
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    Food & Beer Pairing - Are They Serious?

    Unless they are talking about the anti-friend abilities of salad
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    Food & Beer Pairing - Are They Serious?

    Fat Yak Type: Ale ALC/VOL: 4.7% A lovely golden amber colour, the first impression is the distinctive hop driven fruity and herbaceous aromas, giving characteristic passionfruit and melon notes. The taste is refreshingly clean on the palate which leaves you looking forward to the your Fat Yak...
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    Free Beer

    Just erase it....
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    Storing Kit Tins

    afaik normally you put the tin in hot water so you can get the extract out easier anyway.
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    S-189 lager yeasts at Ale temps :ph34r: