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    Cleaning BIAB pot

    As per S.E., your kettle is hot side, scrupulous cleansing and sanitation won't bring that many benefits. Simply clean off junk from the previous boil, rinse, good to go.
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    White Labs WLP059 Melbourne Ale yeast to be released

    CC, maybe wait for it to carbonate? ;) /Only joking.:cheers:
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    Beersmith inventory tools

    Inventory functions in recipator apps scare the crap out of me, I mean I'd have to actually inventory my entire stock of grain, hops, yeast and bibs & bobs- not likely to be a successful enterprise in a month of Sundays. However, I'm sure some folk manage it somehow.
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    Brew Clubs Forum

    Epic thread dredge I think Bribie means, got to be a record and AHBworld has moved onward and upward in the meantime, nevertheless the OP's advice is still fairly current, albeit with new admins.
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    Making beer from solar hot water

    Looks like we're all pretty much doomed no matter where we draw our strike water from.
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    Making beer from solar hot water

    Sacrificial Anode Pilsner. Sounds bad but probably harmless, I mean the HWS water should be fit for human consumption, shouldn't it? Then again, I'm no doctor either...
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    English Bitter Recipe Help

    Yep, that would be fine, EKG is a fairly versatile strain, although the predominant use in my brewery has been late for flavour, so <20 minutes.
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    English Bitter Recipe Help

    Sheet, now you tell me Bribie, I'll have to remember that next time at your place! Anyway, for PBs Challenger is a fine, versatile hops, but so are many others, e.g. EKG, Styrian, recommend trying a few.
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    Maxi-BIAB revisited

    Cheers Bribie, pleasing to see that the MaxiBIAB guide is still kicking goals many years later. This method is an excellent mechanism for novice All Grain brewers wishing to step up to a larger scale 20-25L without having to invest in loads of equipment. Alternatively if they don't have much...
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    BIAB mathematical relationship between mash efficiency and L:G ratio

    Mark, not sure of this terminology but it seems that you are infering MaxiBIAB is full volume? If so, no, that isn't the case, there is a separate sparge step, after mashing in the 19L pot full to the brim, then sparge in a bucket or another pot. Of course, scaling as anyone sees fit is always...
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    Brisbane grain bulk buy October

    Always late but worth the wait! 1. Bris -BB Ale x 3 BB Wheat x 2 = 5 2. Kwinchee- 5 3. Jzabski x 2 BB Ale 4. Bradsbrew -BB ale x 2, BB wheat x 1, Wey Munich I x 1, Wey Prem Pils x 1 = 5 5. kz412 1 gladfields us ale, 1 gladfields pils 6. pcqypcqy- gladfield pale x3, gladfield rye x 1, fawcetts...
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    Make 30L by BIAB in 35L pot - can it be done?

    You're welcome OP, no problem, all part of AHB's fabulous service. 4L/kg I think you mean though? With MaxiBIAB, that's 5kg in 19L, it works with ease, can easily go stronger but with this method the efficiency suffers considerably as a result of the fixed mash volume. I'll consult my records...
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    Make 30L by BIAB in 35L pot - can it be done?

    Maybe. I don't have my records in front of me but I did something vaguely similar once. I'd sparge in as much water as you can, use the plain water at 6 for it as adding plain water at that stage is such a waste- you should be using it to improve the efficiency. Basically you want the kettle...
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    Vienna lager - better efficiency

    This is tending a bit OT. @Bribie G, perhaps you mean its more of a problem with the full volume BIAB variant, no such hassle with MaxiBIAB and similar variants which incorporate a sparge step. Your point though is of course well made and is indeed acknowledged, mate.
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    Ways to purify and sterilise water

    Context is important, no critical here in fact. Need more information about the OP's application, it will make a considerable difference to the validity of any answers. Eg. Cleaning up manky rainwater for a kit or ROing for AG, both have a particular purpose in the right context but in no way...