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    Equipment For Sale Free fridge

    Fisher and paykel fridge. Only used for home brewing. External dimension 780w x 670d x 1650h Internal fridge space 500d x 720w x 940h. Needs a bit of a clean but is in working order. Free Pick up macleod.
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    4V Stainless all grain HERMS for sale

    Go one. Someone could have alot of fun with this.
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    Hop back - Custom built stainless steel

    If it works with the hop rocket, it would work with this as well. Good tip. Thanks
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    4V Stainless all grain HERMS for sale

    Custom built HERMS. 100L kettle, 70L mash/lauter, 70L kettle/whirlpool. Yields about 55L cold wort in fermenter after all losses. Dusty from being stored and not used but otherwise in very good condition. All stock pots are Robinox Forje. All fitted with 1/2 BSP fittings that have been...
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    Hop back - Custom built stainless steel

    Custom hop back built from 4" stainless tube. It has a perforated stainless mesh at each end. Ends have 1/2" threaded fittings. Tri-clover assembly means that the unit can be hot sterilised before hops are added. The unit can be opened without touching the inner surface. Very solid. Cost $400...
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    Craftbrewer beer filter kit. Never used

    craftbrewer This kit minus the hose is up for grabs. Never used. $60
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    3"OD Stainless 1.5" Triclover strainer

    Brand new, never used. Details here brewers hardware. Comes with 2 sizes of mesh sock. Located in Macleod, Vic. Prefer pickup $100
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    Stir plate 3000 magnetic stir plate x 2

    I've got 2 Stir plate 3000's up for grabs. Haven't brewed in ages but used to do 3-4L starter routinely . Work really well $50each.