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    ready to bottle?

    Hi guys, I know the OG and FG varies quite a bit depending on using dextrose vs lme, but what about enhancers? I am doing a MJ kit (Australian gold lager) it says an FG of 1.006 with dextrose, I used an LHBS branded enhancer (Ingredients: dextrose, light dry malt extract , maltodextrin). I am...
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    Possible dead yeast problem

    You could throw a bit of champagne yeast in there, if there is any sugar left in there, you can be sure champagne yeast will suck it right out for you. if you are looking for a high ABV cider I made one recently, I did use champagne yeast although next time I think I would just use an ale yeast...
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    Bavarian wheat enhancer

    thanks, yeah its actually going to add up quite a bit since I only need to make a kg of it. maybe I will just wait and hope it comes back in stock.
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    Why Is My Ginger Beer Flat?

    You didn't mention the size of the bottles, for 750ml glass or plastic I use 2 teaspoons of normal sugar per bottle, or if i use carbonation drops its two per bottle which should equate the same either way. The sugar has to go somewhere, either its still in the bottle and your drinking it...
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    Bavarian wheat enhancer

    So it seems there is a nationwide shortage of bavarian wheat enhancer in nz, can get every type except this. I am now contemplating if I should try make my own, I know a simple enhancer is a mix of dme and dextrose but I assume a bavarian wheat has some other components? I'll be using MJ craft...