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  1. Jez

    Free Zymurgy and BYO magazines

    Hi, I have a foot-high stack of Brew Your Own and Zymurgy magazines from the 2000’s for free to whoever wants them. Local pickup from Petersham, NSW. Cheers, Jez
  2. Jez

    Co2 Leaking - Had Enough

    I’ve lost tanks of gas due to leaking keg posts also
  3. Jez

    Books For Sale

    Hi, I've got the following books for sale: - Beer school: Bottling success at Brooklyn Brewery by Steve Hindy & Tom Potter - The 331/3 book about making of Beastie Boys Pauls Boutique by Dan Leroy - Let it blurt: the life and time of America's greatest rock critic Lester Bangs by Jim DeRogatis...
  4. Jez

    Melbourne CBD bottle shop recommendations

    Thanks for the help everyone. I’ll check out Purvis but probably won’t have time to go anywhere else. I’ll keep your suggestions for next time Seekerr :)
  5. Jez

    Melbourne CBD bottle shop recommendations

    Hi, i’ll be in Melbourne for one night staying at the Novotel Central 399 Little Lonsdale St and want to grab some cans and bottles of good local beer. Any bottle shop recommendations close by where I can stock up? I’ll be trying to get to Stomping Ground which appears to be an 18 min tram ride...
  6. Jez

    Craft beer bars in USA

    Blue Palms on Hollywood Boulevard in LA is well worth a visit. Surly Goat in LA is also good if you can find it. It’s an unmarked black door on Santa Monica boulevard. Walked past it twice before I worked out where it was
  7. Jez


    Droopy Brew 3 Shadime 2 Rambo 2 Yuz 2 Haciluka 3 breaky 2 Fat Drew 2 Dan Pratt 2 Mister Clark 6 sbowler 2 Digga 3 Yochris77 2 Maheel = 2 Hophead2 - 2 RamuGupta 2 Gezzanet 2 Midnight brew 2 Old bloke 2 Mr B 3 Bingggo 2 Fro-Daddy 2 leahy268 2 Leyther 2 please joell 2 Graybo 2 Lakey 2 Sidney...
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    Aldi specials
  9. Jez

    Bronzed brews recipe discussion.

    Free shipping until 13 November 2017 with coupon code SHIPIT2017 makes its $27.50 AUD delivered.
  10. Jez

    6 O’CLOCK Brews - Home Brewing More Old Australian Beers

    Looks great and just ordered my copy Peter. Free shipping until 13 November 2017 with coupon code SHIPIT2017 makes its $27.50 AUD delivered.
  11. Jez

    Chest freezer recommendations

    I’m keen on one of these freezers but have heard the lid doesn’t seal properly around the handle. Have you noticed any issues with the seal? Cheers
  12. Jez

    Tokyo Breweries, Pubs, etc - Recommendations Please

    Here's a link from when I was in Japan a few years ago In Tokyo make sure you go to Popeyes. It's awesome