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    Are grain sacks waterproof

    Resistant to humidity, certainly wouldn't store on a puddle. They are plastic lined so they can hold some wet grain, but if it is too wet, they will leak.
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    G'day from sunny Melbourne

    Welcome Anthony! Heaps going on in the Melbourne scene and we often meet up and brew together. At least twice a year, if not more. Always great to try other people's brews and also get your own sampled.
  3. idzy

    Melbourne grain bulk buy? EOI

    Ultimately we have transitioned from home brewing to craft brewing. The stigma of home brew is still there, but given the quality these days, it should be gone.
  4. idzy

    Vic 2018 Xmas in July Case Swap

    Hi All, this is still happening. Venue has changed to mine in Ferntree Gully 20-22 July. If you are keen to come, please PM for details.
  5. idzy

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    Thanks again for arranging this Yob. Box of the dead guy pint glasses please.
  6. idzy

    Vic 2018 Xmas in July Case Swap

    This is stepping slightly outside of the norm and we will probably need to confirm a number of things. I am thinking of my trips to the caravan park security, intoxication, noise, privacy, etc. Other considerations for brewing are power supply and power requirements, parking of trailers...
  7. idzy

    ebay and gum tree finds

    http://www.graysonline.com/lot/0010-5032484/catering-and-restaurant/1-x-glycool-beer-chiller-system-glycool-lancer-pacific-brand-model-is-sib @Pnutapper
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    Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap - Tasting Thread

    1. Idzy - NullNVoid Trial Brew (Rusty Rye Pale Ale 1.052-1.005) - Check cap is tight, drink in 4 weeks. 2. Mardoo - Treacle Stout - Drink now or later. Now, the treacle is interesting with the hops. Later, all will balance out. 3. Technobabble66 - Rezza Bitter (WLP-059) 4.6%, drink now, but...
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    Vic 2018 Xmas Case Swap

    Vic 2018 Xmas Case Swap Tradition puts this as the weekend commencing 30th November (last week of November). Attendees 1. Idzy 2. 3. 4. Cubists 1. Idzy 2. 3. 4. Swappers 1. Idzy 2. 3. 4.
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    MELB Trade large co2 bottle for smaller one

    Happy to swap too, I'm in Ferntree Gully.
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    Vic Case Swap Equipment....ongoing..

    I hate to think why you are taking photos of those IBCs when we are talking about no-chill...
  12. idzy

    Vic Case Swap Equipment....ongoing..

    Sounds like a few people have caught the big brew bug, haha!
  13. idzy

    Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap

    I drafted about 10 replies, but we have already discussed this.