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    Small Kegs

    I work in the natural gas pipe lines at 7,300 kpa plus we use teflon tape foe screw fittings and a different type for stainless
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    Cheap? Fridge Controller

    can you tell us were Ican buy the Tobins controller Iam in Adelaide
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    Sealing Lid ?

    When I have this problem I use a piece 50x25 mm timber I'v cut to fit in between the notches of the lid. I tighnen and loosen the lid with this piece of timber while the tap is held against yhe body. make sure the seal has not become unglued at the join and the small seal for the air lock is ok...
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    Enough Recipes For 4 Life Times

    who is calling me a pussy ya dont even know me :o
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    Guess What Arrived Today ! Refractometers !

    :D thanks BATZ, man was that quick I did not think it would arrive so soon I was expecting it a lot later. Did my first A.G Saturday with a little help from jazzyman, so I used it today.Hope to catch up with ya when ya get to Adelaide
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    MOST commerical beers i'v had in usa ARE DISH WATER How ever most of the local brewerys ,micro brewerys brew good beer :chug: like Alaskan amber,flat tyre,BUCKET OF BLOOD,cold foot pilsener, dos equis from Mexico :chug: :chug: :chug:
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hi all, been brewing k&k since 97 couple a months ago tasted a few all grain brews. That made me think about grain brews and have just started to get all the pots etc to start my first all grain. I think I will do my first brew in the next couple of weeks, I started my son on kits and now he...