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  1. Helles

    Huge custom SS 3v Rig and gear

    I’d be keen on the March pumps if you split it up
  2. Helles

    ebay and gum tree finds When i bought pots she said she was getting these Cant vouch for the quality of the fittings But their Soga pots are top quality The taps look crap but you can always ask for better picture
  3. Helles

    2018 Hop Plantations

    Pretty sure its like there cousin plant Number of day light hours when they get shorter they flower
  4. Helles

    F.S. Brewing Equipment Sunshine Coast or Brisbane

    Sent pm about postage cost and payment details
  5. Helles

    F.S. Brewing Equipment Sunshine Coast or Brisbane

    Interested in the March pump if youll post to vic Depending on age of pump
  6. Helles

    large pots 150L + Got mine from here They do 130 143 170 and 200 lt I got 130 143 and 170 lt cost 820 for all 3 pick up They are in Point Cook vic
  7. Helles

    What are you brewing in 2017 ?

    How/what is used to attach manifold to hose Am making a manifold for my new system
  8. Helles

    New build 130lt+ 4V system

    My old MT was 80 lt The 130 was just in case and i dont like refilling HLT due to chlorine
  9. Helles

    New build 130lt+ 4V system Pick up was Point Cook vic Good quality with a thick base Said she would be getting some pots soon made for brewing with spigots Will post a link when she lets me know Plenty of the other pots though
  10. Helles

    New build 130lt+ 4V system

    Pick up the new pots yesterday for the new system Will be 130lt + system gas fired kettle electric HLT and HERMS Single tier brew stand 2 pumps already have 1 march pump MT is 130lt HlT is 143lt Kettle is 170 lt Ive got a bit of time to do it now as the new house doesnt have a garage at the...