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    WTB: Melbourne - Old forgotten about hops

    I have stuff that predates the dinosaurs (2010). I won't be back from the US till Xmas though. What are you using it for?? I read once there was some style that used stale hops. I should have more than a measley 200gm (I cannot throw it out!). Message me.
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    Queensland Breweries: Which ones are the best to visit?

    Thanks to all for your responses. Reuven
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    Queensland Breweries: Which ones are the best to visit?

    Hi All: A mate is heading to Queensland tomorrow and wants to know which are the best breweries worth visiting. Any suggestions appreciated. R
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    Guess the homebrew purchase

    Would this be correctly called a 'microbrewer'??
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    Brooklyn Brewery visit

    Was a great brewery tour. So many around town. BB was where I "found" my 'Brewery This Way' sign that sits on the door of my beer room. Since you are so close to New Hampshire and Vermont, I would suggest brewery hopping, especially to Harpoon Brewery.
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    Free Malt - S/E suburbs Melb

    Ill be in for 5 of each if still spare please. R
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    garage clearout - melb western suburbs

    I'll take the 40 temp controller if Hairy drops out.
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    Safety warning/product recall - Portable 'Lunchbox' cookers

    Does this mean that if returned, they will be replaced free with stuff that won't explode?
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    1st Anniversary Courage Brew SELL

    Bottle no.1773 is being listed here for $300: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wurtulla/collectables/courage-1st-anniversary-brew-magnum/1066821061
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    FS, 140ltr pot (Vic)

    how much is it?
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    FS, 140ltr pot (Vic)

    I guess I am not the only thing aroused at the moment!
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    Sparkling Plum Wine

    Can you please post me the recipe Gareth. I have pulped a great deal and am interested in the same thing.