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    Move To All Grain For Thirty Bucks

    just checked my photos, apparently i used Simpsons Golden Promise, and not JWH pilsener. I always get confused at the LHBS 0_o [edit]: hokay, so acording to their website, simpsons golden promise has an LDK of 308. I hit 1.070 after boil (volume of 6.5L), which gives a 'total gravity' of 455...
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    Move To All Grain For Thirty Bucks

    NickJD and others, Many thanks for this fantastic thread, and the '20L Stovetop All Grain Aussie Lager' thread. It's taken me about six months of perpetual reading and re-reading and confusion and doubt, but I finally gave in and had a crack yesterday with a 9L SMaSH (JWH Pilsener and...
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    Big W 19l Pots

    thanks for the heads up! :icon_cheers:
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    Fast Turn Around Suggestions

    I'd stick with the Weizen. My first brew was the ESB Bavarian Wheat kit (3kg, you don't even need sugar...) and Safbrew WB06. Very quick, very tasty. If you've got good temp control, a 2-day crash chill after the primary ferment finished worked well for me, my final product was very clear.
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    Czech Pilsener Advice

    Ooh, glad I found this thread. I just put an ESB Czech Pils 3kg kit into the fermenter today, and it's really, really dark. Sexual Chocolate dark. Will it lighten up, or has something gone horrifyingly wrong? 0_o Also, after reading the directions on the yeast (S23), I was concerned that I...
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    Cider Not Carbing Up?

    Bummer. :/ Ah well, chalk this one up as a learning experience then.
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    Cider Not Carbing Up?

    The kit was a Blackrock cider, I added 2L of preservative free apple juice and 1L of preservative free apple and strawberry juice, plus a kilo of regular CSR sugar, made up to 23L. The yeast was labeled "safcider", so I'm guessing it was a cider-type yeast. I opened one tonight to test, was...
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    Cider Not Carbing Up?

    I used the carb drops (2 per 750ml bottle). They were in a cooler spot for the first week (stupid canberra weather), but have been inside the house (at at least 17deg) for the last two weeks.
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    Cider Not Carbing Up?

    hallo again! So, after my first brew (a wheat beer which I was quite happy with), I decided to have a crack at a K&K cider. The fermentation process and bottling into PET went smoothly, however it's now been in the bottle for three weeks and doesn't seem to be carbing up very well, when I give...
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    Building A Heating Lamp For My Ferm Chamber

    I've been contemplating similar stuff, as the air is starting to get mighty chilly in Canberra overnight. (This is my first year of brewing, so I've still got a lot to learn.) I've ordered myself an STC-1000, should be here any day, but while that's all well and good for keeping the fermenter...
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    What Happened To Brigalow?

    FWIW, BigW just opened up a new store in Canberra (majura park, for those interested), they seem to have quite a good range of coopers/brigalow stuff.
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    First Brew - Wheat - How Long To Condition?

    The pic doesn't do it justice, that particular shot was of a barely-week old one - just to show the clarity. The two-week and older bottles were much more effervescent, and had a long-lasting creamy head. I've been too keen to drink it to take a decent pic! XD
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    First Brew - Wheat - How Long To Condition?

    hokay, so here we go: it's a ripper! Got it into the fridge after two and a half weeks, and i'm loving it. It's a split-personality beer: give it a gentle roll or invert the bottle for that traditional wheat cloudiness, or pour carefully for a krystalweizen-style! It's well carbed, has a...
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    First Brew - Wheat - How Long To Condition?

    I'll be sure to let you all know. Only bottled it on the weekend, so I'll give it at least another week, but I'll keep checking the bottles in case it carbs up quickly in the slightly warmer weather we're having.
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    First Brew - Wheat - How Long To Condition?

    Awesome, thanks for the advice. So if I test one and it's good, will refrigerating the rest help it keep longer?