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    【New Products Releasing】Inkbird Giveaway of New BBQ Thermometer Pen and Homebrew Heating Pad

    In! A heat pad for my second ferment fridge would solve all one of my problems! Cheers Inkbird! (as an aside, very happy with my 6 prong BBQ IBT-6XS(with included thermometer pen) and my ITC-308 temp controller that i got for Fathers Day!!!)
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    Unable to login on Firefox

    I was having the looping login thing on the whiz bang Brave Browser - currently appears to be working though.
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    FUNDRAISER - Please support

    My wife was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was pregnant with our daughter. Chemo went extremely well, and 7 1/2 years on still in the clear. Daughter is coming up on her 7th birthday - and she couldn't be more amazing. Happy to help kick the goal!
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    Bones of a Keezer - Westinghouse FD213S - 210 Litre inc drip tray

    HI guys, up for grabs today is my old keezer - minus taps and gas manifold, but includes temp controller and drip tray. Drilled for 2 taps, hard wired St-1000 controller (ie cooling only), hole for gas line too. Fits 3 kegs (just) in the main body, you could put other stuff on the hump, I found...
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    Where to get conical flask and stir plate?

    I happen to have a stir plate (and a flask, but only 1L) up for sale. Family lives in Canberra, not sure when I'll be down next however. Price is whatever someone is willing to give me at this stage. :-)...
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    FS - SYD - Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Edition + Cooling Pump + Extras

    Please be advised that this has been sold (via eBay). Thanks for looking!
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    According to Grainfather, this https://www.grainfather.com/shop/spare-parts/counter-flow-wort-chiller-hosing.html is 8mm ID. I got one to atttach my wortometer, does the job. Probably pricier there than many willing to pay though.
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    Free - Sydney - Westinghouse Freezermate 423 ferment/keg fridge

    HI guys, picked this up off the forums a little while ago, and is now surplus to requirements. Seal's a bit rubbish in the top right hand corner ($50 replacement off eBay), but still holds temp quite well. Have all the shelves and drawers too. I think this would also work well as a keg fridge...
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    FS - SYD - Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Edition + Cooling Pump + Extras

    Hi all - am I being unrealistic with my price? Been up 2 weeks and not so much as a hint of any interest (from any source - here, A C B, Gumtree...). Happy to take sensible offers, but it would seem offers are few and far between! The second tap assembly could be on-sold, or used to speed the...
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    FS - SYD - Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Edition + Cooling Pump + Extras

    Hi guys, up for grabs today is my Grainfather Pro Edition Conical fermenter. This also comes with the cooling pump kit, a (home made) conical coat (I didn't get around to making the cone part, but have more mat for that), a complete unopened second tap assembly, and I even lashed out on the...